Blockhead animation


Don’t worry! I am working on it! Once I learnt how to use this new app I can make it in less than 10min!

My phone is so tiny! I can’t even see those little parts with my big fingers!
This makes me the desire to buy a mac :dead:
Cute cut can be downloaded in mac. Sooo SAAaaaa… I regret that I asked my dad to buy the windows computer.


That looks so cool!


Now you switched to CuteCut?


Yes! It’s 101000000 times better than
And it’s Pro!


LOL i know many editing apps out there


Ya i know few you can try Filmora


In free trail you can use it but with Watermark so its basically free and I suggest Adobe Premiere Pro CC(For PC not free) for pro Edits


You can use one of my recommended movie editors for modifying videos. (Or at least use an insanely big screen of a phone, but not an iPhone SE since the screen is so small for your big fingers blueflower), or even for better choices then use Blender for animating a blockhead.


Sorry for the delay! I think i made it worse than before.


please do this

( keep in mind this is a gif )


take the L from fortnite :ok_hand:


Meh, it’s okay.



A simple photo.


I meant walking under a pole, not on a shadow, blueflower.


There you go, @TheHeroicBH

Which one is the best?


Could you make a video where a caillou dressed blockhead jumps off a building into water and gets grounded by Boris?


Can you send me a video link?


This image is better for me



That’s hilarious.



My blockhead isn’t very energetic :joy: