Blockhead discord

Would anyone here be interested in a blockheads server im making? Im
looking for people who would like to take an active part in its creation and help to create a lively and fun community. I plan to use the discord server as a way to help advertise blockhead servers and provide for some form of convenience (seeing as how discord has an app). Welp heres the code, tell your friends about it. JUNf3zq

I will join, thanks.

I will also join!


I already had a server for a month or 2 now…mV6ArN4.

can someone link the discord server im starting a monarchy server and i want people

here ya go


Instead of doing 3 of the same post to different people, maybe you could have one post linked to all the people you want by mentioning them. For example if you wanted to send one to me you could do @AppleTasteGood


Due to a former nasty member the server had gotten all its members banned and everything completely deleted. I hope to revamp this and make it better and hopefully regain the lost members that were interested in it.


Why not just reuse the original topic?

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I can do that? I don’t entirely understand the forum.

As long as your post contributes to the thread, you can still post on it.

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