Blockhead fan Art


Lol!!! :smiley:


Minecraft/Blockhead logic.


Yeah but at least they only like slap it in the blockheads. Or so it seems.


I printed the first one! I had to halve its size though, lol.

This is before I cleaned him up a bit:

This is after I cleaned him up:

He will fall over if he’s not secured with glue or something.

Just to see his real size:

This was the original one I printed, but it messed up. I just took off the deformed body and kept the legs.

I tried one that was one fourth of the original one’s size:

Ironically, this one had a body, but it didn’t have legs. Don’t judge me when this came to my mind:

The glue and spinner were used as reference to see their size.


dude, that’s really cool of that 3d printed dodo


sorry if I haven’t posted pictures. I have school yunno.

when u run out of fuel in your jetpack:


Oh man that’s tiny.


When you are almost out of hunger…

(Upload won’t work. Wait a while)

Hello reader reading this! I have a secret message if you are an old reader or are new to this thread!


hi :slight_smile:


Hmm, I kind of liked the beard that your dodo had before you “cleaned it up” :joy:


Wow!!! You actually have a 3D printer. It’s so cool. I have a 3D pen, but the effects are nowhere near as precise as the printer.

You could try painting it in acrylic… coat in painting varnish :smiley:


Top kek


Here’s another!

I have an idea for one more… keeping @Jemnidad in mind for this next one :wink:


Awesome! That one is the best yet! (or you could say it is thebest1ever)


What do you use to draw this? I might try it, maybe I’ll be better at this than painting. :stuck_out_tongue:


The sign font is really nice :slight_smile:


Autodesk Sketchbook. It was free on the AppStore when I got it, I think it still is. It’s by far better than the one I payed $7 for last year.


Made another. My last one, as I am turning in my school iPad tomorrow. I might be able to do some stuff on the computer, if I feel like it. It’s so much easier with a touch screen though.

@jemnidad I hope you like it, you’re my inspiration for this one :stuck_out_tongue:


This is amazinggggg!!!


you do it on iPad? cool. I use windows paint, lol