Blockhead fan Art


Is that a…gasp…Minecraft fan art?!
This is bh blasphemy! Get that outta here!!

Jk jk jk :joy::joy::sweat_smile:


Hey Creeper and Steve, welcome to Blockheads. Please convert yourselves to 2D for configuration and compatibility purposes. I hope you enjoy your stay here, and do take note that explosions are not allowed in the peaceful world of Blockheads.


Love it yet again!

Rock on @TheBest1Ever! :smiley:


My attempted Flaxseed Fan art…

“My cookie” (posted on my art thread)


Nice work!


Is it okay to submit something that’s WIP?
If so, here’s this:


You should color it :stuck_out_tongue:
Otherwise thats pretty sweet.




Wow. That looks awesome! You are a talented artist!


Wow, that looks awesome!


Is the poor BH standing in lava??
I love the north pole and west equator…not to mention the dropbear and the sky island…it all looks great!


Wait–Isn’t the south pole is to the left of the west meridian?

Fixed it.


I can tell, because there is no hat of warmth in your picture anymore.


I finally made one (no color yet)

First steps
I am not a good artist :confused:
Color version:


That’s looks awesome!


"Best, you’re bumping!!!1!1!"
I’m adding on to the conversation so hush.

I got my school iPad back, so naturally I got back to drawing fan art :slight_smile:
It’s not as good as I wanted but oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

Here it is:


Amazing!!! The diamond tree is cute. The dropbear is my Favourite


The drop bear kinda looks like an ant with a giant head :joy:


Ah, I did what I could. I thought it was good enough.


I just realized that the blockhead is 10x bigger than the tree :confused:
Is that a giant blockhead or is the blockhead flying across the borders?