Blockhead fan Art


The blockhead broke the fourth wall, it’s just really close and the landscape is far away…


Great job! You might’ve said this before, idk, but what app do you use?


I use Autodesk Sketchbook. It’s on Apple for iPads and I think it’s for PC as well. Probably Mac too.


I’d like to make an album on FB with all of these. Anyone object? :slight_smile:


I don’t think so. I would actually love to see the album! :slight_smile:


That would actually be pretty cool!


I would take a peek at it.


@TheBest1Ever where do you do those drawings?!?!


I do them on Autodesk Sketchbook, a free app on my iPad. I believe it’s also on computers, I’m not sure about phones.


Just downloaded it on my computer! It’s awesome!! :slight_smile:


Do it! That would be awesome!


I do believe I have that program on my laptop… Except it’s on my laptop. Ever tried drawing things on that draggy pad thing? :stuck_out_tongue:


A poorly done Parody of Gorillaz


Important cargo train


Oh no! The Dropbear Brothers are gaining on us! Quickly, gingerly place more coal in the firebox!
(but that won’t make us go faster)
Fine, Abandon ship!
(we’re on a train)
Abandon train!
(Also jumps)

[Train speeds off in the distance, eventually careening off a rickety bridge, exploding in the chasm below. The Dropbear Brothers meet the same fate. Because Comeuppance.]


(Fail trumpet.mp3)


I just got myself a rather cheap but perfectly working sketching tablet and downloaded an app that a friend of mine suggested to use for digital art. I’m so hyped!


Ooh! What program are you using? I’ve got paint tool sai.


Someone suggested Krita to me so I downloaded it. I barely opened it for a second or two this morning so I have actually no idea how it works yet.

If I manage to draw something I’ll probably post it here.


(Yes this is bumping but I am adding something to the discussion (well I think I am)
@TheBest1Ever is this the app you use? I got the android version on my phone and it isn’t that great. Do you do that all with just drawing, or is there some way that the app helps you make the picture look better?