Blockhead fan Art


That’s the app, and all I use is the app to draw the pictures.


Wow! I could never draw that good without something to help me. I want to do some art, but I think I’ll just do it on paper.


I finally got my drawing done. It looks…horrible tbh. I got the bh way too small, the bh is way to ugly, my colors are bad. Oh well I tried.
This is the start of a series of pictures of transportation in The Blockheads. This is the first one you would think of, and the most common: walking.


I like how you mixed the pink and green on the trees. Really reminds me of the cherry trees in early summer.


Thanks! I was surprised myself at how good it looked.


I drew this


You did not draw that. You even said that you used photoshop.


just like every movie creator we like to advertise our movies


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Sorry, @SomeRandomUser. I’ll work on that. :confused:


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You’re so lucky.


Well done, all of you! :smiley:


Pro tip for taking pictures of things: take them outside. The sunlight helps eradicate any shadows. Or, optionally, put it up on a wall, step back a few feet and zoom in a little. That also helps with shadows.

Good drawing, nonetheless!


Thanks! Whenever the sun comes out, I will try that!



Finally got the next picture done! I think it is maybe a little better than the last one. The bh looks better, but messed up the sky like crazy, so it is about the same.
If you are wondering why I didn’t take the pic outside like @TheBest1Ever said, it is rainy today, so no taking pictures outside for me! I will update both of the pictures when the weather clears.

2: Riding a donkey.

I forget to tell you, this series will probably have 8 pictures all different modes of transportation. I will try to make the drawings in order of popularity that the mode of transportation it used. (That means that since handcars are used more than trains, the drawing of handcars would come before the train.) (Some of them were hard to know if it was more popular, so it might be off)


The donkey has no ears.


I should’ve known that donkey was a ruse! XD

Also that’s really good drawing, @TheKnexGuy. :slight_smile:


Most popular travel style

  1. Sky falling
  2. Portal Hoping


Yeah, I thought about that too, but on the picture I was looking off of you couldn’t see the ears. (Well I couldn’t.) I can post the bh pic that I was looking off of if you want to see what it looks like.

@nobodyatall thanks!