Blockhead fan Art


You’re welcome. The pine cones even have detail, you’re an artist! :slight_smile:


Thanks! Actually, I am terrible unless I have something to look off of. I didn’t copy it near the same as the base pic, but if I didn’t have it it would be a flop. I think I could draw the ground and trees fine, but the bh would be the ugliest thing you ever saw.


Let me tell ya, I can’t do a good job without seeing a visual either. Totally understandable.


Nice <3


Harls has some art that is almost done. Hint: Do cave trolls have feelings, too?


Yeah. Anger.



Fell out of my chair laughing. I’ll just say a troll hurt me. @TheBest1Ever


It is DONE!!! This one was really easy, and the final result looks pretty good, but there is too much blue. It wasn’t raining today, and I could’ve took the pic outside, but the sun wasn’t out, so I didn’t Maybe tomorrow maybe not. Anyway, here it is:

  1. Sailing a boat.


Lovely :smile:


You’re good at this :slight_smile:

Feel free to start your own thread. You don’t have to post in this thread!


Thanks! Really? That would be great! I think I will do that, and post all the pictures there. (no more updating for here!


This is mine lol


Lovely :slightly_smiling_face:


If there was no text I would like it more


What app do you use? @Dlxpv312




Cave troll!


Awesome job! It looks just like the real thing.


This was drawn by my brother :stuck_out_tongue:

Because he thought the cave troll I was saying was like that.
And I drew this…


Lol How creative ^~^