Blockhead idea: tortilla chip

Two corn and one water in a press you get corn meal. This plus electric oven plus salt plus lime equals tortilla chips. These give you 1/6 health and hunger. When you eat them you have a 20% chance of scratching your mouth which does 1/9 damage.
Here is the classic mode sprite image

Modern look


great idea but I think the scratched mouth does too much damage

Lmao yea. Have you ever scratched your mouth with a tortilla chip. Not a good feeling.

yeah but I feel like it’s dumb that there’s a small chance of dying to a chip if you’re low

Lol that would be so funny if you are at minimal health and you need to eat and you get killed by a tortilla chip.

That seems very rare. People wouldn’t be eating tortilla chips if they were so risky.

Hotdogs kill you

I know. How my cousin jimmy John died rest in pepperonis

makes sense