Blockhead Odyssey (Server concept)



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Do any of you know/play a game called Super Mario Odyssey?
If not, then here’s you go:
So basically, that was my idea.
Concept: (If you still don’t get it)
(I will use the message bot for moons)
So in Super Mario Odyssey, you go around collecting power moons to fuel your airship so you can catch up to bowser. Basically my idea is you go around looking for signs, and on there is a code (like /moon inthemine) and when people type in the code they kind of ‘found’ the moon (kind of like the quests in the server Rabbithole).
You have to chase down the maniacal Rabbit King, before he destroys the world! But, as you chase him, you notice lands that are in trouble! So while chasing the king, you also must fix the trouble in the lands (kingdoms). As a reward, you can find Power Crystals.
The phases of the server. There are 6 phases:

  1. Planning phase (done): When I plan the server, add the story, etc.
  2. Building phase (current): When the helpers build up the server.
  3. Beta Tester phase: When beta testers test if there’s a glitch in the bot, or something doesn’t work right in the server. To be a tester, PM me.
  4. Early Access phase: When the early access players get to play the server before the other players. For an early access pass, PM me. In the PM, choose a server below for payment:
  • Prison Life
  • Skylands
  • Rabbithole
  • Skylands Arena
  • Sunset Moon (If it opens by then)
    (Payment: 10 platinum)
  1. Access phase: When all players can access the server and enjoy it.
  2. Shut-Down phase: When Wingysam decides to shut down the free Mac server service. R.I.P. Blockhead Odyssey. Pay your final respects.
    Helper List:
  • None (just a player)
  • Builder
  • Handcar Track Tester
  • Moon Creator
  • Creator

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I can’t wait for the story!


So you need someone who can fund it? Is that why you aren’t creating it yourself?


Yeah I can’t afford it :frowning:
I can’t make it until late august maybe.
That’s why I need a creator


You might inquire of @Wingysam about a hosted Mac server


Just search “Free Mac Servers” if you need a free mac server!


Can Mac servers run the message bot @jemnidad @Wingysam ?


Yes they can, but Wingy would be the one who would have to manage it, being the host. So that might not be what you want.


Currently, the Mac messagebot does not work for me.


@jemnidad @wingysam then it will have to be cloud


News and edits:
News: added story!
Edit: will be Mac server. Hooray!

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