Blockhead Traits

You make an select two positive traits when creating your character. You can also select negative traits, which allow you to select more positive ones. You can’t select a positive trait that directly interferes with a negative one.

Positive Traits:
Muscular: 25% higher attack damage towards players, twice as much damage towards animals.
Precise: twice as fast mining speed.
Stealthy: aggressive animals will have a much small detection range.
Tough: more resistance.
Recharge: food increases energy three times more.
Efficient: fuel and electricity consumption reduced by 75% for wood-burning benches, 50% for charcoal-burning benches, and 25% for jetpacks and coal-burning benches…
Lucky: more likely to get rare drops from the sieve, golden tools give bonuses more often, and mobs drop more.
Foolhardy: speed debuff is reduced by 50%.
Sensitive: can see animals and players with red outlines.
Lungs: kelp restores full air instead of half, and air decreases twice as slow.

Negative Traits:
Weak: 25% lower damage towards players, two times lower damage towards animals.
Vegetarian: can’t eat anything made with meat.
Sensitive: environment and happiness decrease twice as fast.
Soft: less resistance.
Tired: energy drains twice as fast.
Carnivore: can only eat foods that have meat.
No-clot: regenerates twice as slowly, and healing pools won’t work.


I personally like this, gives me a Sims feel


I like this, although I would like to recommend some amendments.

1: Certain individuals may not want a traits system for their character, so maybe make the inclusion of traits optional or custom rules only.

2: Some traits seem like they would drastically change gameplay. To offset some of the larger differences, we could balance certain traits to have less of an effect. For example, the Efficient trait is incredibly powerful. Instead of essentially making fuel and electricity a much smaller problem, it could be changed to 25% or 20% so it’s a good benefit, but not game-changing.


You should be able to disable traits in custom rules.


But make sure they always must have one of each type of trait. 1 positive, 1 negative.

And the sensitive one that can see animals with red outlines should have a setting in blockhead menu(where you see happiness and energy, to sleep or med) that says[activate sensitivity]/[deactivate sensitivity]