BLockhead won't download

I’m trying to download the blockheads but it is stuck on three mind left

You may have to do a systems check. The blockheads should be one of the easiest to download and run… unless you have an old model or if you a small memory.

The newest updates to the game may need a relatively updated phone in order to run. The most recent update for the game came earlier this year.

@PufflePuffle uses an iPad 2.

Three mind left?

Then why is this in bugs and glitches android?

@WooHooGaming13 mins, I believe. The d is next to the s on the keyboard.

He might be downloading Blockheads in a different device.

There is android IPads

Just without the “I” though


The glitch should be in the category that it occurs on. If it’s on an android device, it should be in the android category.

@TheFoil iPads are only made by Apple. :slight_smile:


There are android tablets, but there are only Apple iPads.

I’m not too sure.