Blockheads 1.1419 update


I have the change log for the blockheads 1.4119:

  • All player will receive 999999 time crystals.

  • Pineapple trees will grow pineapples that can be used to make pineapple pizza.

  • Red marble will be made purple.

  • Ice will melt instantly (even in cold biomes).

  • Limestone will be crafted with 99 limes and a platinum block.

  • Fuel will no longer be able to refuel jet packs.

  • Orange trees will grow carrots.

  • Ores will be crafted using carbon fibers.

  • Lanterns will run out of fuel after awhile

  • Sand will fall.

(Happy April Fools!)


Blockheads will be removed too.


I love the idea of pineapples in the game. There could be a pizza with it on to annoy people like me. Pineapples don’t grow on trees though :stuck_out_tongue:


Pineapple pizza? What is this HAWAII?!?
I can imagine a tree that’s slopes down because of all the weight on it :joy:


Why don’t people like Hawaiian pizza?
I like it, not that bad, but extra cheese is better.


Will it have ham?