Blockheads against dating. (B.A.D) [Educational Group] CLOSED


The Blockheads Against Dating and other rule breakers. This group is a new group, we will be educating people of how Online Dating can be bad on servers and making them stop online dating. Of course we can get banned but that’s their problem, we can also send another scout to see if they’re listening.

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I will set up a PM thread about this and we can scout and target servers to educate.


This is against @milla’s rules and will have action taken against you if you choose to proceed.


Good game mate.
Fixed now*


I’m not joining groups like this. You know how these groups end out at the end.



How about against about who’s having a s*x from servers or who player giving an inappropriate painting? Forgive me what I said I’ve been seen this before.


What’s the point? Report anyone who is being innapropriate to Milla instead of going on servers to be an annoyance.


Yeah as the suggestion from Brother rabbit why could you just tap the icon then report it unless you missed the chat then go to the owner portal and you have to find what they chat and screenshot it report to Milla because of that. You can also report their IP cause of that


Online dating is fine, but once they start throwing in… inappropriate… content… it’s a big no no.

Definitely not joining, I don’t want to risk getting banned off the cloud.


@EpicGamer101 is right, online dating shouldn’t be a problem. You can’t force people not like each other. Online dating might not always work and might be dangerous, but there are cases it did work. What is a problem, are inappropriate servers with sexual content, players with inappropriate pictures, etc, but you still shouldn’t raid and destroy servers, even if they are bad.


I’m not very against dating. It’s a very normal thing. Just the online sex and nasty dirty things is the bad one. Online dating is the same thing as online friendship. Online sexual things is like sharing your address and where you live to your friends. Taking it too far.


I’m not going to risk getting cloudbanned, thank you very much.


Another Foil Quote to add to my ever growing list :slight_smile:


Forgot to change the raid text. :stuck_out_tongue:


“Educating” peoole usually won’t change their mind and it just means you are joining dating worlds to increase traffic.


True but I like to say that a middle aged person could be dating a kid and get them to talk about their personal life. The teens just don’t care about it which now I see why everybody is objecting.


So, you want to indimidate young children?


Not necessarily intimidate but just say that a middle aged person could be dating a kid.


you said scare tactic




I’ll read this in a moment but must post a reminder first. That girl or boy you are flirting with online probably isn’t who you think it is.