Blockheads against dating. (B.A.D) [Educational Group] CLOSED


Exactly! That’s what makes online dating dangerous.


That is true, but I don’t feel that it would be any better than reporting it to Milla, only she can take real action.


Not just dangerous but really really gross. Here you are flirting with a “hot chick” and it’s really a guy trolling you or vise versa.


If I come across a dating server I usually just leave. That’s the best policy, also @FreewayKiller, I agree, you can be anyone on the internet. I, for example, was referred to as ‘he’ for nearly a year because I never corrected anyone when they said it. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s different from claiming you’re a he though, lol.


Yes, but my point is noone ever knew until I told them. I could easily be an alien. XD

Hello I am a real human I enjoy the human hobbies of using my tentacles legs to move and breathing oxygen.


I ban anyone with a name with hot girl or something similar. Also any kind of dating chat gets immediate ban. If you are on a server with the admin playing along or not moderating such things delete it from your cache and or take photos and report. Say nothing to them. Just report.


In my experience these things don’t end well. Best to just PM me here with details, amend I’ll deal with it :slight_smile:


I can name several times these type of groups collapsed and died.


I have made a group in the past that followed milla’s rules and worked towards a similar goal without doing bad things. What you do is you do not raid, you just go in the server, quietly get details and report, and go out, like you are scrooge in the Christmas carol where you do not interfere at all but simply watch.

MIght PM you sometime and help you reform your group to make it comply with milla’s rules.

Also @milla it seems many players share the urge to help make the community better, but do it in misguided ways. Maybe make an official thread establishing rules, guidelines, and tips for these types of groups?


But Scrooge did raid. In his own special way.


Because I have no wish to encourage them. As I’ve mentioned, they don’t tend to work out for the best.


I personally don’t enjoying dating servers. Dating isn’t bad, as long as it doesn’t get sexual. I know a person who dates (bf+gf irl too. They chat of love talk sometimes, but not really-it’s very minor ex:love you babe)
People who like dating servers won’t join this. Some people might enjoy dating.


Due to insufficient members I have decided to disband this group.


It is a new MOAB-class bloon in BTD6. (Sorry just had to bring it up)


Btd6 looks like a potato


B- We like to
A- Be rude to kids
D- And spam their game servers because they’re dating and I’m very against that


Good, There are many cases where dating gets inappropriate, but that does not mean every person dating online is a pedophile or a stalker.

Seriously, your idea wasn’t thought out very well, instead of ’spamming their servers so the chats start to slow down’ and ’educating’ some kids who just want to have some fun, you could have simply told people online dating can be dangerous.