Blockheads Amino

I’m thinking about making a blockheads amino so players can make posts, polls, and have one on one chats with other players. It’s basically another Blockheads community but (in my opinion) a little bit better. You can make new friends and share your worlds for other people to join. My question is, will anyone join if I do make one?

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I’ve never heard of Amino and I would assume many others here haven’t, either. It’s a nice idea, but I don’t think there would be many around because not many have it.

Or perhaps I live under a rock and everyone else knows what Amino is.

A social media.

Edit: Did you make this thread twice?

I’ve used amino but not much. I’d probably join it

You’re probably a bit late to the party on this. It’s something that could have worked a few years back, but I suspect that at this point it won’t.

to be honest the GUI of Amino is not my taste but of course you do you.

Question what’s amino?

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since we already have our own fan base where we could talk about the game we won’t need Amino that much because Amino let’s you talk to other people who have similar taste than for example you like anime wait you also like naruto there’s a Amino page for that
wait you like mmorpg oh it seems like you like Toram Online here there are a lot of artwork where you could pay artist to draw your character.

So it’s basically Reddit?

From what I’ve heard, it’s like a peculiar fusion between Reddit, Fandom wikipages, and the late Tumblr.

It’s also apparently rife with the more toxic end of online art sharing.

Merged duplicate threads.

I’ve heard of it before. I much prefer Reddit over Amino.

Nah, that crown goes to DeviantArt and Newgrounds.

I think that’s a great idea and you should definitely make one.

BTW there is already a r/blockheads but it didn’t take off as well as this blockheads forum.