Blockheads Bloopers


Post here your amusing “blooper” shots of your Blockheads doing something amusing or visually stupid.

Here we have Sky Diver doing what he does best, while casually riding a train.


Here we have a blockhead taking a nap in only the most sensible location-
The middle of a frozen ocean.



The Blockhead is stuck in a trade portal.


Not necessarily a blooper, but my four Blockheads were all different shades :0


How is this possible? What is he holding on to?


Burning sticks, of course


But in the picture he isn’t holding on to anything.


Pretty sure he’s holding onto burning sticks

nudge nudge


A blast from the past: Frozen in ice (photo credit - @Thuthu)


Wow, preserved blockhead! Millions of years later people will be able to dig up an ancient, crisp and frozen blockhead from the ice. The jetpack might even still work who knows.


In the name of scientific research, @Smeeglefied brave the mob of dropbears on Kepler:


Now that is the most productive dropbear farm I have ever seen. I hope the settings are not on hostile mobs!


The first one: That’s what you get for stopping the rails from going further.

The second one: “You’re a little stuck there, pal”.


This is gunna hurt!


Gonna hurt more than falling from the I-fell tower… Well… NO JOKES HERE! (Not really)


A sequel to What is He Holding Onto, we have…
What is he standing on?


If it isn’t Woven Flax Mats I have no idea.


I have an idea!

(For the past few months I have legitimately spent more time on editing blockheads photos than playing the game itself ooooooooops…)




A triquel to what is he standing on…
What are they meditating on?
(true meditation)