Blockheads Bloopers


Again, woven flax mats or what @kaypoppy said. I just hope it’s what she said.


The pic by @GoRpGamess simply uses a meditation glitch. There is, or was, a thread on this topic. It is done by having a blockhead directly under the ceiling with a block directly under him.
Diagrams: b = block, u = upper blockhead, L = lower blockhead, m = meditating blockhead, a = air
First step:
b b b
a u a
a L a
a b a

Second step:
b b b
a a a
a m a
a b a

Then, with another blockhead, break the block directly underneath:
b b b
a a a
a m a
a a a

Voila! You’re blockhead is floating.


nah, they are just magical


I’ve done it with sleeping, too, but I can’t be bothered to search through my messy photo gallery…


A quadqual to “What are they meditating on?”

“A photoshopped ‘How is she doing that?’”

EDIT: What happened to the photo?




the blockhead on the left is upside-down! :confused:


Please don’t post without contributing to the discussion in old threads like this one, it’s against the rules.

although I am secretly glad you did because I never saw this thread and the pictures in it made me laugh in real life. Don’t tell anyone. ._.



i did this once and died :frowning:
i still think its cool though!


how did you even die? :confused:


I froze to death


Ok. But wait how did you not die until you were in the ice?! (Blockhead_PRO pls stop)


A pentqual of “what is he standing on?” We have… “What is she sleeping on, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN feat. @ZAUKS

Talk about timing! UUHH…





How did I do? @blockhead_PRO132


You should fix the eyes.


I was laughing at how derpy the blockhead looks


Actually, I wouldn’t call this a blooper because I love stuff like this :slight_smile: