Blockheads Challenge: Go without using a single jetpack anywhere for an entire month


So, i thought up something i could probably do to cut back on spending money.

That is going a while without using a single jetpack on my server.

So what i am proposing today is that we should try to go an entire month without using a single jetpack and see how we do.

It is your choice to participate in this challenge, but if you have been using jetpacks for so long you will finally be able to feel what it was like to do things pre-1.6

Hopefully things can go out good, now lets get started. First thing is sell your jetpack and fuel, and then don’t use it for a month.

If you want to participate, say you want to in this thread and i will add you to the participates list, but you must swear an oath not to break the rules.



Edit: If you also want you can post progress here on how you are doing. :slight_smile:

Edit 2: Forgot to mention this, but rainbow unicorns will count as using a jetpack.


I’ve completed this challenge, several times over :stuck_out_tongue:

I have yet to get either a jetpack or a rainbow unicorn in the expert SP world I’ve been playing off and on for the past few months.


If you are willing to participate in it, i can add your name to the list.

And as a reminder, once your in you are in. No going back out unless you broke the rules several times.


How will you catch cheaters?


There is actually no way, but I hope people can follow the rules.


Does forgetting you have the game for a month count?


I haven’t gotten a jetpack yet, but the first thing I did was farm rainbow unicorns so I use them right now :slight_smile:


I actually don’t use jet packs much any way, so this challenge is perfect for me.

Count me in!!:hugs:


I’ve pretty much been doing this since jetpacks were added so not much of a challenge :smiley: good luck for those who do :+1:


I did it when I stopped playing for a while.
I want my reward now, Highness-sama.


That’s exactly what I did too! I want my rewards!


Nahhhh… I run Sunset Moon, and getting around there without a jet pack is NOT gonna happen :joy:


Though I promised to keep my self in, I have decided to stop participating as it is kind of hard to go one day without a jetpack.

Though I may now make my fuel, I feel as I should return to jetpacks. so hopefully everything returns back to normal


I’m in.


uh no