Blockheads Cloud server: INFINITY by Fiery



Here I will host my server,set out announcements, and do votes.

Infinity, what could be better?

This is my server, Infinity

![image|281x499] (upload://d1pJhwiVRc0OY2HbIFfTSVlisKt.jpg)

We rank second in server votes, feel free to join👍

Here are the rules,

First off, as users what do you look for in a server? What makes you stay?.


Hi again. you created a second thread for the same server you have a thread on. Unfortunately, we are only allowed 1 thread per server.

Anyway, to answer your question:

  • i look for good staff. In my opinion, it isn’t always about the builds. If you aren’t the best at building, but the staff is great, I’m all in.
  • I always look for equality. Equality as in, no staff member puts the server over another server is “awesomeness” or “quality” etc.

I like when servers:

  • have good/quality staff
  • have things built (there are exceptions though)
  • have a decent welcome message and clear, easy to understand rules
  • don’t completely copy things without permission (obviously theme is ok to copy)
  • staff respond to questions, provide answers, and don’t boss people around
  • staff don’t ignore others

And i have more but i cant think of it atm.


Ill just close the other thread, how do i do that? Im new to the forums


Only Milla, Asyc and Dave can close threads i believe


Could you do a bit of work with the welcome message, it is hard to see the text with the waterfall background in the way.

it makes the white text almost or completely invisible. if you do thank you :slight_smile:


Yeah i suppose the pic is alittle bright, its easier to see it on the welcome message for some reason

Oh, will ill ask milla to close it then


This server sounds awfully familiar.


Im the owner of Infinity, I am proud to present it, me and my staff worked hard to make spawn beautiful and our staff fair. We take our server very seriously to make it the best server ever made in Blockheads history.

Here are some pics,

The server is running now and is second in server votes, (Its not first in vites because the server reopened in September and the vites reset in the beginning of augest, we wilk be the top voted server in afew weeks or so suggesting starlight skys remains inactive.


Will* (autocorrect is disabled)

Cloud world: INFINITY, The first professional server in BH

Welcome to the forums (assuming this is your first post) i guess. Have a cookie. :cookie: also this doesnt belong in forums games but yet instead the multiplayer category. Also you can edit your posts instead of posting a new one.


I know I’ve been to infinity and totally didn’t try to get mod :wink:
Anyways, did you just join the forums
Also, it’s not the most beautiful server

GASPHow dare you forget the rules- your supposed to add in the server’s rules to your post


If you have one thats better, please suggest it to me so i can laugh at the absurdity of that statement

Just because everyone adds rules in there post doesnt make it doctrine


But what are the rules?


Ill take a pic later


Actually it is mandatory.


Are you asking the rules on my server “Infinity” if predefined chat rules

Infinity is the by far superior server currently running in blockheads, the staff is fair and the spawn is not only the largest but very well designed, its symmetrical and beautiful. Take the time to join. Infinity by Fiery. It ranks second is server votes and will be first in afew weeks


Woah! Sounds awesome! Can you post pictures?


They mean the rules of the entire server.


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Also please edit your first post to include your server’s rules as text, not screenshot image of the welcome page. Thanks.

P.S. Your server spawn indeed looks very impressive