Blockheads Cloud server: INFINITY by Fiery



What makes you doubt others? I might think there are more beautiful servers.


I doubt others because ive played fr five years and there are none that know how to advance there server like mine, if you have any servers you think are nice do tell me.

Im currently using cellusr and i cant go on my server for the rules, a common bug.

Now do me a favour and actually join my server to take a look, we’re currently in an activity low meaning we dont have that msny joining currently, i mean yesterday we got up to ten its not consistent.

I can imagine i sound quite ignorant, but i can show you more pictures for sure


what makes your server “the first professional server?”


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Your spawn certainly does look very clean, polished, orderly, symmetrical, and overall it is very big!
Could you tell us some more details, like what you do in the server, what is the purpose of the server, and the rules?


Good questions, the server is custom, the purpose is to build and explore the server. Building however is quite limited around spawn to make sure the look remains intact

The welcome message is professional, the staff is professional, and ibviously spawn is professional. I made this server easily professional because i am s professional at this game, ive played for five years


Ive played for 5 years, trust me, its the first. The only server that comes anywhere near to professional is starlight skys.


Have you tried playing on any other servers that are popular on the Cloud list?
Edit: cloud server list.
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Cloud list?


Are you sure about the last statement? I’m sure there are more servers that are quite professional, including Atmos.


I just look on bh, out of top 20 servers, nope


If you insist…
Others may have different opinions.


Sugarflop Unihorse Giants Skylands Rabbit Hole Ailes


Your spawn looks really great! I think I‘ll might join just to explore your incredible spawn :smile:
But maybe you should remove the statement that it‘s the only professional one due to respect for all the other server owners :+1:t4:


calling your server professional eh?

It was a joke okay…


Sure am :relaxed:


you may of played for five years i know people who have played for 5 months and they are excellent at the game.


Atmos? Ill take a look later

Suger i tecignize most of the servers described, unihorses spawn is just compost and plants, skylands spawn is ok, welcome message is better thsn sverage, never hesrd if rabbit hole

If you love building we have a builders team, you should come and stay at our server


So you judge the proffesionalism of a server based on spawn?


I’m not sure what makes a server “professional” in the first place, but I don’t think yours is the first. I couldn’t say how professional it is, as I haven’t played it, but I’d consider Atmos to be professional, and that came out over a year ago…


The statement of being the first “professional” server is laughable and presumptuous. The server builds look nice, but, personally, I choose to play on servers where the players are as nice as they are talented. Obnoxiousness is a real turnoff. Sometimes making your work just speak for itself is the best course of action. Generally, you don’t have to toot your own horn and put down others, if your talent stands on its own merit.