Blockheads Cloud server: INFINITY by Fiery



Listen buddy boy, Im answering questions posed to my server, and in my eyes, theres no other server like mine. Our staff are very nice and wont ban you bechase they feel like it or they face consequences unlike 99% of all other servers. Our builders team js gery talented, they make the cities in our server, ill show pics later

I will most definitely check out atmos, count on it

If any of you have servers that have some qualities do let me know, ill check them out for ideas.


The cloud list is the place you can see everyone’s votes.


And if you would check it now were second on the list mainly because we reopened in september and the reset was in augest


Speaking of professionalism, I don’t think the posts you just made were very “professional”.

Also, does the list really matter? I’m sure there are great servers out that aren’t on the list.


Congratulations. If your server is so fantastic, there is no reason to put down other servers. Invite people to take a look and make their own decisions about whether it is or isn’t a good server. Your vast exaggerations to puff up your server, is what I take issue with. It’s a shame because I do believe the pictures look nice. It’s your delivery and your wild assertions that make me think that if everyone playing on your server makes those same outlandish remarks, I wouldn’t be happy playing there. Who likes to go to a server to just listen to a bunch of players say they are the best and that everyone else pales in comparison? First, not true. Second, not appealing. But everyone marches to the beat of their own drummer.

I hope you are able to get past your singular admiration for your own server and actually take a look at other people’s work. I’ve played every bit as long as you have and have found amazing servers and builds by a variety of players. Most of the really accomplished and talented players are the most humble. They don’t go around talking about their mind-blowing contributions to this game… and yet, people see what they are doing… and they are respected for what they do and not by how vehemently they brag.


I’ve had quite the experience on this server once on this server. Not sure if I want to say I because it might come out wrong.


Dude, how in the world do you have 129993 tc? You been duping?

Also infinity is not the best, I have been on and it is not the best, By far.


How does one ‘dupe’ tc? How can you dupe something that isn’t an item


I agree with you, Derp.
I might’ve actually played this server but if I’m gonna join and be told that it’s the best anywhere when I’ve seen other spectacular things, I’ll just leave. Also, pretty sure you can’t predict if your server will become number one. Maybe it’s number two for a reason.


Like i said, you think its NOT the best, tell me a server you think is has a better spawn, or better welcome message, or a more sophisticated staff.


Just from reading this thread there’s a lot of servers that fit this one




I don’t think it’s fair to judge servers, there really is no such thing as a “number 1” server. A few servers that I think you should checkout and compare with your server are Unihorse, Sugarflop, Skylands Arena, Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire, Skeeve’s Exile, Atmos, Rabbithole, and Maze Runner. There are many more out there, but these are the ones at top of my head.


You guys have really screwed up my thread, is there a way to ban people from your thread? I understand im ignorance but seriously you guys.


I think people are just taking offense that you seem to be claiming you are the best. It is easy to construe that you are belittling often the years of hard work people have put into other servers. Obviously every server wishes to be the best. But that does not mean you need to be rude about other peoples.

Having a pleasant spawn is not indicative of the quality of the server. It is a show of your skill as a builder.

Your position is on the Cloud Server List is also not a definitive on your server quality. It is a great tool to help expose players to your server.

You are able to mute people should you click on their profiles. But as you say in your welcome and you did in this thread:

Which people have done, I don’t think anyone has really been out of line :smiley: If you are going to shoot down every other server in the history of blockheads and claim a title that is not necessarily claimable by anyone then of course there will be a defensive response.

Anyway welcome to the forums have a :cookie:


I want to close this thread, how do i do that?


your own server banned me when i joined and kicked me out of yo discord

i might join yo server to build a new biggest dodo farm. MY old one i have the pics for it but its gone now.


@fiery1171 please include the rules as text, not screenshot images in the OP, thanks.

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eli i think you got the wrong server, if it was indeed mine who banned you?


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