Blockheads Cloud server: INFINITY by Fiery



oh my.

just to let in a little thought of mine: I believe there’s no “professional” or “superior” server. I believe each and every server is unique in their own way. Yes, I agree that your spawn is quite impressive, with the fact that it expresses nature :hugs: it’s nice to have confidence about somethin you’re proud of, but there’s a fine line between confidence and doubtin other people’s work. I won’t join, unfortunately, but I hope other people will :slight_smile:


ok, i respect your opinion

so what do you all look for in a server?

i think nice users on the server was already pointed out


A server that has credit


lol ok


asc please delete this whole thread.


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but i want this whole merged thread gone.


How come?


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I know what you are asking.

I am explaining to you that she has done this for whatever reason. It is done. You chose to post on your server thread what you did and it is part of it now.

She would have been able to read that you made a new one for a reason. But now all you can do is move on and continue to make your server grow and thrive.


I think she can delete it


Fiery, you can delete any of your own posts which you didn’t want merged. I don’t know if Milla will remove the thread posts from the thread you wanted deleted, but she doesn’t work weekends.

Now here’s my input. I like servers that draw you in with things to do. Personally I love handcars and I love to ride new tracks, especially challenging ones that take some effort to master. Other than my servers, there are very few servers that offer an extreme handcar challenge.

Other than that, I think a lot of people are turned off by servers that are very confining on where you can build. The more my own servers have grown and developed, the bigger that problem has been for me when new players join. And as someone who keeps getting sucked back into Expert servers, I am much more fond of servers that don’t have unlimited free trade portals. They have their place for a lot of freebuilders, but if I don’t have a specific idea of something I want to build, I usually prefer to just test my survival skills.


Obviously i cant go back to vanilla, but i may look into the whole handcar races, it would have to be deep underground to avoid takingvattention from soawn

Anyone else? I want to know what you all look for in a server, asc what exactly are you doing?


I in general prefer places where i can build stuff like a castle or somthin idk


If anyone wants to report any of my staff for being mean, ignoring you, or banning you for no apparent reason, let me know on this thread


@fiery1171 You’re rather confident in your server which is admirable. However, as many other people have stated previously it may be a turn off. Understand that not all servers participate in the vote system, cough Atmos cough and being condescending towards other won’t help. Trust me.

Oh, and previously you stated that you haven’t seen Atmos. You based your “professionalism” off of your spawn which has a lot of void space filled with trees. This is just a critique/suggestion, but maybe check out the Atmos Thread. (Atmos: The World of Us) Not sure If i’m allowed to post links though.


Feel free to share ideas or determine problems with my server and how it could be better!, also feel free to report any staff that mistreated you. As always stay on topic or your message will be flagged. It would help if you took pictures when you report the staff.


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I like cake. Report this.


this is what you server thread is for, you are making basically the same thread over and over