Blockheads Cloud server: INFINITY by Fiery



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What. Could. Be. Better.
:stay on topic please and thank you, if you’ve never been to infinity, dont reply


Doesn’t mean I still can’t reply.


I have been to Infinity.


Ok, what could be better?


A better owner.


I haven’t been there, but I’ll see later. Seems pretty nice.


a better spawn, it’s TOO big for me personally


Good grief, I attend one conference and everyone forgets their manners.

@fiery1171: Your arrogance over the assumed superiority of your world is not cool. Pull your head in and show some courtesy. This forum is full of exceptionally high quality worlds, and to come in and boast about your own being better than them all goes against our courtesy and respect rules. A little humility goes a long way here.

Please also edit the first post to bring it in line with our rules for world threads. You need to include all information potential players will want to know to decide if they will play on your world, though your showboating may put off a lot. Things like theme, play style, rules, and suchlike should be in OP (originating post), at the top of this thread.

To everyone: Next time I see an open slather of multiposting, rudeness, and obnoxiousness like this I will simply ban everyone involved, so please reconsider before repeating this kind of thing in future.


Wait, I thought you’re off on the weekend.


She was at Kiwicon. Different kind of conference.




stay on topic. only information related to infinity should be on this thread, on this thread, you report to me any rogue staff at my server, any ideas for the server are posted here, any problems from the server ae posted here. anything NEGATIVE thats off topic will be flagged.

At Infinity we’re pursuing many projects, we have a list. We just funished removing the rock background, a very exausting thing to work at.

Our main concern is building, our buildig limits are too confined, were adding artificial sky islands to the sly to hopefully make it easier ot build. I also am gonn make underground building a future project, were gonna remove the rock background underground to my it look like the surface. Then when thats all done, sraighten the railroad, clean our cities, THEN , this is just an idea, were gonna make a survival part of the server underground, its gonna be identical to land, or so we will try to copy it, it will have sand, oil. golden chests under the sand, compost, added rock, unmined limestone, many many trees and attach caves already underground to the area making the server suitible for others to play on my server aswell.


Fiery, you have made a good looking server but a little humility can help you attract people. People are drawn to people with humility. Humble leaders are more likely to draw the loyalty that builds a great long-term community.

Good designs with a great community-attitude are key to building great server.

I wish you the best!



Any comments Related to the thread? Please.:smiley: You are currently spamming my thread, only server related comments should be on this thread, not my tc, not flags, my server.


You also spammed your own thread and others with flag threats, did you not? Anyways, I think overall your server spawn is overall nice but a little more color would be phenomenal


Oh i did for sure, but that was your fault. Thanks for the last part, what do you suggest.


That’s absolutely ridiculous. You heard Millas warnings.


Clearly they chose to ignore my warnings.


I’m just gonna scadadle on outta here before I get banned…

Oh and to make it worse, you can guess who started this… it totally wasn’t me :frowning: