Blockheads crashing


Why the heck does blockheads always crash? Like i have the samsung s9 it literally came out 2018 something so its no the device doubt it i have a ipad pro and many other ipads before it and i don’t think the game has ever crashed unless there was crazy lag in the server even then it just said conection lost and kicked you out the server never the whole game any way to fix this :thinking: it also slows down my phone which isn’t very nice


Because the blockheads doesn’t run good on android

Whenever I go to a popular server the game won’t let me last a minute

But don’t worry the androids still have some advantages

  • quicker rom downloads
  • third party anime app APK’s
  • and emulators of the play store
  • along with more app options


Moved to the Android support forum. You will find other similar threads in this forum, with suggestions, and feedback from Ben at Noodlecake, who is in charge of the Android version of the Blockheads.


I had two crashes today, and I’m legitimately getting annoyed. I’ll see if I can talk to noodlecake about it.