Blockheads disappear glitch

For some reason my character got killed and I RIP my character and he disappeared. Is this a glitch?
Normally I respawn at the portal!

When you press the RIP button, it means you let your blockhead die, and it won’t respawn. Then, if that was your only character, (I don’t know if this happens when you have more than one, but I don’t know for sure,) it lets you create a new one. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Hmm once I had two blockheads and one died I rip and I got my character back

Whenever I RIP my blockhead just disappears and I am just left with however many blockheads I have left. If I want to get another blockhead back I have to go to the portal and warp in another one. That’s what happens when you have more than one.


Did you use time crystals?

No I did not because I do not have any time crystals at that time I used it for making my bh

then this is not a glitch, that is supposed to happen

It’s is? Hmm wonder why it didn’t happened to me once

perhaps you are forgetting and actually did use the time crystal respawn last time? just to be clear now doing R.I.P will effectively ‘erase’ that blockhead, and if you use the time crystals it’ll instantly respawn it, ONLY to the main portal, while you can make a new blockhead in any portal if you R.I.P it

Nope I didn’t because I don’t usually keep 100 time crystals in my pocket :rofl:

yep, that explains it then

“…A blockhead can be permanently killed at this point by tapping the “R.I.P.” button…”

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