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This thread is a updated thread of the original FAQ as the original is outdated.
**LATEST UPDATE: July 4th 2016 **

Ores & Minerals

Q: Where can I find Ores?
A: Underground. Certain Ores such as gold can be only found deep underground.

Q: Where can I find Flint or Clay?
A: Near the surface around dirt is the most common place. Flint & Clay cannot be spawned.
But in certain worlds. If the custom settings are correct. Flint will only be available if you meditate them.

Q: What can Flint be used for?
A: Currently Flint can be used to create flint tools at a tool workbench or sold at a lv.1 trade portal, But also to craft the toolbench…

Q: There’s nothing I can use Clay for! Why is it even in the game?
A: Clay can be used as a decorative block at a kiln to make bricks. And it can be used to make oil lanterns.

Q: What are the gems? Rarest - Common
A: Diamond

Q: Can I get smooth stone?
A: Unfortunately not yet, But it may be in future updates.

Q: Where can I find ingots?
A: You can sometimes find ingots in golden treasure chests. You can also you craft ingots at a furnace using ores such as iron ore or even copper.

Q: Is there anything gems can be used for?
A: Decoration. You could place the gems as they are. Or craft a chandelier out of the gems. Gems can also be used for upgrading your portal or trade portal to unlock new things!

Q: I mined a iron ore block, But I only got 1 iron ore as others would get 3 iron ore!
A: You may have been not using a pickaxe. Craft one at a tool bench.

Q: Where do I find titanium at the most?
A: As far as I know… Anywhere in the world is a place where titanium can spawn. (even near the surface!)

Q: My Elevator isn’t working! I got all of the shafts done. I even added the motor! What’s missing?
A: Elevators need a electricity source in order to work.

Q: I have solar panels hooked up to my electric bench! But it only works sometimes!
A: Solar Panels are unreliable unless you plan on storing electricity into a flywheel.

Q: How do I craft a Electric (Bench)?
A: Each Bench has a different recipe. But mainly all electric benches are crafted at a level 4 workbench.

Q: Do wires travel on blocks or have I found a glitch?
A: Wires can be placed on blocks.

Q: What’s a magnet used for?
A: It’s used for gathering more iron ore.

Q: Are any blocks conductive?
A: Copper, & Steel are conductive. (correct me if I’m wrong)

Q: How do I craft a electric furnace if I don’t have any electric source for my electric bench?
A: Craft a steam Generator first. Use that until you can get at least 1 solar panel or Flywheel.

Q: Where can I find a Donkey?
A: Donkeys can be found near carrots and can be spawned.

Q: I just heard this strange sound while mining!
A: The sound you have heard is the sound of a cave troll being spotted. More information can be found here.

Q: I found a green thing that moves! What is it? And what can it be used for?
A: The mob you have found is a Scorpion, It’s poison it drops is used to craft a gold bow.

Q: Why Does everyone think dodos are evil?
A: I cannot provide answers to that due to the fact they will hunt me down… O_o

Q: I found a fish!
A: Awesome! If you place it in a bucket you have a pet fish! They need kelp and water to survive. :slight_smile: But you can also kill it for to fill your hunger. :slight_smile:

Q: I got a shark jaw! Can I do anything with it?
A: Yes, The a Shark Jaw is a decorative item that shows that you have killed a shark. :slight_smile:

Q: How Many hits does it take to kill a Cave Troll?
A: With a Iron Sword it should take 16 hits.

Q: Help! The dodos are doing moonwalks and moving real fast on my server!
A: Although this is rumored to be a stage in the evil dodo takeover, this is a simple animation glitch caused by lag. It doesn’t really affect gameplay but if it annoys you, consider reloading.

Plants & Trees

Q: I just got a lime in my inventory from mining a limestone block! HOW?!?!
A: Limestone blocks have a chance on giving you a lime.

Q: Do plants & Trees have genetics?
A: Yes.

Q: My tree turned browner and the leaves are black!
A: Your Tree has starting to take it’s next stage, Death. Don’t worry. You can regrow it after. :slight_smile:

Q: My Coffee Tree isn’t growing. Why?
A: Coffee trees are the hardest trees to grow in the game so far as it does take a while In Real Life. But Compost can speed it up.

Q: A Strange Creature climbed up my tree. What is it?
A: That is a DropBear they climb trees and can be hostile in locations in the dark or when provoked.

Q: My Coffee tree is withering away! Why?
A: You may have destroyed the dirt/compost block that was growing it. Or the weather is too cold.

Q: My Chili Tree just became a item as soon as I planted it! Why?
A: The Weather may be too cold.


Q: Where can I craft (bench)?
A: At a workbench. A workbench can be crafted at a portal.

Q: How to I level up a workbench?
A: Each Bench has a unique item they want to level up a bench. So really it depends on the bench you are upgrading.

Q: My benches turned into lv.1 workbenches! Why?!
A: I’m sorry but your world is corrupted. This cannot be fixed. But if you tap on the workbenches they should turn into gold chests. They turn into gold chests as a sign from MajicDave saying “Sorry about that… Here… Have this to cheer you up. :)”


Q: Is there anything good about traveling the world?
A: Yes, You can see around the world plus you can find poles & equators that provide items you can wear which will help your blockhead.

Q: How do I make a boat?
A: At a level 2 crafting bench.

Q: How do I know where I am in my world?
A: this thread might help you.

Q: How can I ride a donkey?
A: You must craft a carrot on a stick at a level 2 crafting table.

Q: My Donkey is going crazy! Two players are on it!
A: You are experiencing a glitch when two users get on the same donkey at the exact same time.

Q: How long does it take to travel the world?
A: It would take more then 15000 blocks to travel the world. And that’s just for a 1x world.

Q: What’s the fastest vehicle to travel the world?
A: If you have a railway around the world then the answer would be a handcart.

Q: Do Trains offer anything special?
A: Yes. It can carry luggage to travel & it can carry blockheads if you are wanting to travel somewhere.


Q: Is it possible to do local multiplayer without wifi? (such as Bluetooth)
A: No. It is not possible. Bluetooth is not supported.

Q: Help! I starting traveling around the world and I see no pole items!
A: Someone must’ve taken them before you have gotten them. If the server is new… KEEP GOING AND BEAT THE OTHER PLAYER! :slight_smile:

Q: I need to transfer my ownership of a server to a friend/someone. How?
A: Contact support at support(at)
Then make sure you include both of your support IDS. These can be found at the bottom of your Help/Credits Page.

Q: Can we request world uploads to the cloud?
A: Sadly you cannot. But you can with Mac.

Q: My Items were stolen! Help!
A: If it was a safe or cabinet then a admin must’ve taken them. If not and it was a chest or a shelve. Then someone must’ve stolen them! Or you dropped them and someone might have taken them.

Q: How can I ban someone?
A: If you’re an admin or the owner of a server, do “/ban [username]” or “/ban-no-device [username]”

Q: I want only certain players to connect to my server! How?
A: /whitelist [user you want to add to your world]

Q: How do I create a server?
A: You can create a server on MAC for free using the Blockheads App on Mac. Or you can use time crystals to make a server hosted on the cloud.

Q: I want a server where I can learn about things.
A: Try School. This server is dedicated to teaching. (Thread)

Q: How can I make my server popular?
A: First of all… Don’t advertise on other servers. It just gives your server a bad reputation. Join the forums. Post a Thread about your server. If it’s unique I’m sure players will join it! :slight_smile:

Q: How can I turn off/on PVP?
A: On: /pvp-on Off: /pvp-off

Q: What does a Private Server mean?
A: Users cannot join your server without the join link provided in the world options before joining the world. :slight_smile:

Q: What does a Searchable server mean?
A: Users can only connect via searching.

Q: How do I clear a whitelist?
A: /clear-whitelist

Q: What is a Vanilla Server/Custom Server?
A: A Vanilla server is a server that just uses the rules normally given in a game. Custom servers use the new features in 1.6.1 so users can choose what world they want.

Q: How do I give users commands without them being a Moderator/Admin?
A: Currently only Mac Servers can do this… The only person who has is Ace.
Her Network of servers will give trusted users commands. To see what else she has plan for her server see here.
, the Xtras extension in the MessageBot will support this for cloud servers. It’s a work in progress.

Q: Support has not responded yet. What do I do?
A: The support team takes about a week or more only if they’re behind in messages by a lot. They respond to messages by the date they were sent. Be patient.

Q: I just got banned from a server! What do I do?
A: Talk to the owner privately calmly.

Q: How do I change the name of my cloud server?
A: If you haven’t already… Register on the Owner portal which can be found within your server’s options. Once finished click your world and check settings. It should have a rename button.

Q: I want to import a existing world to the cloud.
A: I don’t believe they do this. Contact Support support(at)

Q: How do I edit the welcome message?
A: You can edit the welcome message of a server by going to the pause menu, there should be a button to edit your welcome page from there.

Q: How do I make a server?
A: Slide to “create world” then select online world and then what you want the name to be and then press create world and then settings you want it to be. then the payment you wish to add to it. This can be either a month which is $2.99 or a week which is $0.99

Q: Where can I find light?
A: Light can mean as in the Sun or the craftable items which provide light for traveling.

Q: Which is the best light to use?
A: Steel Lanterns will provide the most light. (Aside from Lava)

Q: Why don’t my oil lanterns run out?
A: The Lights in this game don’t run out. They are lit forever. But some can be taken down by water.

Q: Is it possible to reach the sun?
A: Sadly not yet. But it is possible to reach space.

Q: I’m swimming. Are there any waterproof lights?
A: Yes! Steel lanterns are the best, but if you can’t afford that then use gems such as amethysts.

Q: Is there a cloud outage?
A: Probably not, but if you are updated latest version and have wifi on. It probably is a outage, or some sort of error. You should message Milla or Dave.

Q: What’s the best block to keep greifers out of my base or spawn?
A: Admins can use ownership signs to protect land, They can assign land to you so only you and admins can access it.

Q: Where do I get the protection sign from?
A: You craft protection signs at any blue portal using a wooden sign and 3 gold ingots

A: If you know who the hacker is, Email support @
they might be able to help stop the hacker.

Q: I’m being attacked by flint spades! Help!
A: If you’re new to the server… Run away from them. If not… Get some tin/iron armor and a bronze/iron sword and fight to victory! :slight_smile:

Q: How can I keep my base unfindable from player & Admins?
A: You cannot keep your base hidden from admins as they can see everything someone else has explored. But if you want to hide from players… You should make your base in the sky very high. It is impossible to make a unfindable base.

Q: Help! What do I do if a Dodo army is against me?!?!
A: I’m afraid you must bow down to them… They are now you’re leader.

The World
Q: My world is super laggy!
A: You must have too much stuff in it.

Q: I got a item called Unknown, Clay Jug, Yellow Flax Mat. What are they?
A: These items are corrupted items. Dispose of them immediately as they can harm your game.

Q: Is it possible to take my single player world, and move it to my other device?
A: Yes it is, there is a thread on it which can be found here. (IOS only) For android devices, I’m not so sure.

World Customization

Q: WHAT THE HECK. The next item to get the next blockhead is fish curry! (or something else)
A: If the custom rules are correct. No fruits will spawn causing the game to pick fish curry/dodo stew or something like that.

If you see any questions about 1.6.2, feel free to reply, I’ll edit it in ASAP!

Q. What are embers used for? They seem useless!
A.Embers can be used to set trees on fire, which may also seem useless, but could help for pyromaniacs.


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