Blockheads FAQ


I WILL NOT! Bow down to that dodo army. I wish to peacefully join it.


This thread OP is now a wiki.


How does one obtain ownership signs?


You can craft one at any portal with a sign and 3 gold ingots


You can get an ownership sign at a normal portal with a sign and three golden ingots.
Also, if you have a question, just make a new topic in the questions catagory, rather then posting on an old topic.


@TheBest1Ever since the thread is pinned, that doesn’t really apply. The question should probably be added to the OP since it is a very simple thing to miss and could result in confusion.


Whoops, my bad.


Question and answer added to the OP.


Please update the ores section, I once found ingots in a treasure chest.


It is a wiki so you can edit it with tl1 or more


I’ve added that Destroyer

Two Blockheads FAQs?

To make a new thread you should go to the main menu of the Forums.

From there in that menu in the top right hand corner of the website page there should be a few buttons, the biggest button should be a ‘+ New Topic’

When you have clicked that you may type what you want as your Topic then add text to your forum, I hope this has helped you! Aura,


Uhh, you know that reply is over a year old…


Aura the person you reply is a a year ago so he/she probably know how to make a thread the year and day he/she asked how to make a thread. It’s good to help others but not the years ago it causes bumping & dredging for more info I have a summary of it just go down and click ’Bumping & Dredging’. You can help with a new topic that created 2018 when people asked you can reply to them too :slight_smile:

Bumping & Dredging

When you post to a sunken thread without contributing to it in a meaningful way it is called bumping or dredging, depending on the age of the last post. This is not permitted on this bulletin board.

If your thread can not stay up on its own merits then it should sink. If you post to your own thread or anyone else’s after it sinks, without actually contributing, the assumption is that you are trying to artificially reheat your thread or are trying to increase your post count. You will have 30 posts removed from your post count and the bumping post will be deleted. If you run out of posts you will incur a ban. If you persist the ban will get longer and then become permanent.


But this thread is pinned, so I’m pretty sure it’s okay.


NONE of the links are working for my device! Are they dead links?


They don’t work for me either Cheesy. I think it is because the FAQ was originally written in 2014 before the forum was migrated to discourse.


I’ll go ahead and update this to be more relevant to the current update later today. >.<

Thanks for letting me know! :smiley:


Updated the thread to add how to make a server is anyone is curious.