Blockheads future

What is the predictable blockheads future. Is it sustainable (making profit or loses) is it expected to be maintained for many years to come?

If it is on the red, I suggest evaluating using for extra revenue, and giving fans some extra to keep driving the game into the future.

We will have to wait and see what happens. MajicDave certainly isn’t going to use Patreon. He is entirely focused on Sapiens.

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I was thinking on a low effort use of patreon, like giving a patreon badge in the forum for low-end subscription, and for high-end subscription, maybe also adding some reference in a more visible place, maybe the app about who’s supporting the app. No special or high effort development or extras. A steady predictable money input stream should be interesting for whoever is keeping the game going, support, development or other, may it be an individual or a company.

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He is going to finish sapiens and then he might decide something to do with blockheads but I think at this point we can say it’s not getting another update


I don’t think that’s going to happen. Even after Sapiens is released, I don’t think anything at all will happen.

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