Blockheads Google Game Account


Hi there pls help! I deleted blockhead a few months back due to the lack of space on my phone . I was logged in and in sync with my Google game account before deleting the app. Now that I have reinstalled the app, my Google game play account has signed in automatically and even has all my achievements but I somehow started with a new single player world called " MY FIRST WORLD" and all my previous worlds and time crystals ( had about 7000+) all gone .Can this be undone or is it permanent??? I’m so devastated :sob::sob::sob:


Unless you made a backup before deleting, the world data and time crystals are gone. That data is not stored with the Google game account the way achievements are.

Sorry, and I know it’s too late, but don’t delete the game if you want to keep the data. This may help warn other players. iOS does have a feature that lets you offload the game software but keeps your datafile, but I don’t think Android has that same ability, however I am not an Android user.


@milla can give your time crystals back.


Please don’t post things like that. Judging the legitimacy of another player’s TCs is pretty on the nose.

I help Android forums users when i can.

I’ll PM you, @Lorrate.


I’ve been playing since young and have watched a lot of free videos to get time crystals so…

How do I PM? I just created this account yesterday for this issue

That is sad…


Merged triple posts into one.

There is a button to edit a post if you wish to add to it, and nobody else has posted. If you post more than once a row please only do so with an hour or more between posts, otherwise edit.


Just hang around and read a little on the forums and you will have the ability to pm in no time. An option to send a pm will be available if you tap on their username.


I messaged you. If you tap on your avatar at the top, right, you should see my message listed in the drop-down menu.