Blockheads: how do I find cave trolls



well if u wanna find cave troll try underground near lava like not exact near but 50 blocks up from it u wanna tame it use 10gold coins


Cave trolls can also be found right next to lava! My advice is the same as trying to find diamonds. Dig straight down and explore all the caves that you find as you near the lava. Continue all the way down to lava that way you can use the shaft as a lava dump in the future. You are sure to find at least one diamond and a cave troll if no one has explored before you! The key is to explore all those caves along the way! And remember trolls are not for killing they are for taming.


very smart !



I found a way to get cave trolls! You dig straight down from the north pole all the way down and you will find a cave troll in the deepest caves you find (usually Very close to the pole) it happened in three of my worlds the same result (:wink:




Nope because it happened every time and I got another world and im going to try again and see if it happens then ill tell you about it if it does


I think it takes more than 10…