Blockheads idea bolt action rifle

Weapons! Ok so you get one two iron and make the barrel of the rifle. With two steel you make the magazine. With one wood you make the butt of the rifle. And with two iron you make the bolt. You combine these in a weapons bench (level 7). This takes five minutes. Once crafted (like the bow) it does not need ammo. It provides 75 shots before breaking (including misses and jams) DETAILS: every five blocks you go away from your target you get 5% chance of missing. As the gun grows older in use it can jam more often (every shot taken adds 0.2 chance of jamming) This weapon can penetrate tin and iron armor. When used against a player with no armor it.takes away all health not including death health. With tin or iron chest plates it only does half health. When attacking titanium or carbon it does 1/5 damage (10% chance of no damage) This was inspired by Firestar9991. I believe this would be a fairly balanced feature as the gun has a select few weaknesses. Oh yes and the gun looses ten shots when submerged underwater in hand.

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I don’t think guns would be suitable in the game.

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A stronger bow would make sense

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i’m going to be honest but this wouldn’t be totally realistic BUT i’ll fix it simply for these reasons:

  1. a bolt action rifle with a magazine in a game like this simply wouldn’t be very “blockheads”, it would probably better to have a mosin-nagant or kar98 styled weapon than something like the “scout” from cs:go.

  2. a gun needing ammo would be another nerf to it, but it would also give the opportinity of reloading, yet another nerf. you would need clips to reload, you could craft a clip with 1 aluminum, but you would need 8 bullets (crafted with gunpowder, lead, copper, aluminum, and high explosive). you could press a button on the gun (like the “eat” button on fruits" to reload it. this would give back the clip but consume the bullets. now that you have 5 bullets in the gun, it is now able to be fired.

my thoughts on the rest of it: jamming is wonderful, although bolt action rifles don’t usually jam. maybe it would be something like a structural failure instead? if you go underwater and have it in your inventory it should be waterlogged, and the ammo would be useless.


I was considering the ammo part but there were too many components like lead and gunpowder were too much for me.

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