Blockheads idea cooked eggs

Okay so we have dodo eggs that give you a decent amount of health and energy… but what if that gets cooked! You need to make a butter churner, one wood two metal. After that you get milk and salt and churn it to get butter! You get that and a pot and a dodo egg on an electric stove. Properties are 1/4 energy and 1/4 hunger. Trade portal value of 2 gold 50 copper. This could be put with pancakes in the b r e a k f a s t update :tongue: :fried_egg:


yes please, lol

So u get milk from yak and yak will milk and u need butter and u need eg and cook eg with milk and butter and wood (idk why u need to put wood in the foodstuff but okegg) and metal (why u need put metal in meal) and cook it on a electric stove and u need electricity for the stove to get electricity for the stove craft a steam generstor which needs a uh.

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How about angry dodos that try to go after you if you steal their eggs?

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No wood and metal is to make butter churner.

Yea that might happen. My dodos revolted against me when I refused to give them better pay than apples. :frowning: my bronze sword is a dodo destroyer not a destroyer of 50 dodos

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