Blockheads Idea: human waste

The idea is somewhat basic it’s kinda like sleeping but faster. The foods that give you more health also fill up your bathroom meter. You can either go in the floor of your house… or you can build a toilet with a bucket three marble and 1 iron. Builders bench. This empties your meter faster then excreting waste on your dodo farm. Eventually this toilet will be filled up which means you have a bucket of waste. This can be used for compost or be dumped in the ocean or water. Do note that over time if you continue dumping waste in the water it will become toxic. This means fish and kelp die and you lose health very slowly when swimming in that water. If you let your waste meter fill up completely, then you get constipated. This makes you work slower and drops your happiness meter. If you let it go like that for too long you can end up with soiled pants, which removes their effect of warmth or protection. If you soil your bed then until the bed is washed in a dye bench it rests you slowly. This may seem like a dumb idea but I put enough consideration and thought into it it won’t seem that way. :smiley: been a while since of done one of these…

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I can see that you did think a good bit about this but I just don’t think feces should be in the game.

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this might cause some of my siblings to play the blockheads more often

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Haha yea. Because peepee poopoo fart funny?

kinda but also kinda not

Poopoo fard=
No funny.

Wouldn’t it be crazy if this suggestion revived the game? :what:

I know that would never happen, but still. It is funny to think about. :lol:

Ah yes that would be pretty funny that soiled clothes and beds bring the game back

Soiled beds? Good lord! :lol:

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