Blockheads is dying

When I returned to the game after not playing it for a long time, I found that only a few servers are active, with the most popular server only getting around 5 players. I believe we could try to revive the game unless it’s better for the game to die out naturally. The methods I would suggest to try to revive it are:

  1. Bring back the option to use time crystals to add world credit
  2. Fix the ‘Connection Issue’ problem.

What do you guys think? Are there any other methods that you could think of?

If we have time crystals for server credit again then we might as well not have servers…

I think a lot of people that played as kids and teens are adults or teens with jobs (like me now)

No, it’s not worth the effort. The Blockheads is nearly eight and a half years old now.

That was actually killing the game. There was a reason why it changed.

In terms of reviving the game, what would that solve? Specifically which issue are you referring to and how could it theoretically be fixed? I’ve rarely seen that happen before.

the developer is working on a new game called sapiens and blockheads is dying so there isn’t really a point to reviving blockheads… it would be nice if it happened but sadly it can’t

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i so wish that problem would be fixed lol but it really only means that your home internet signal is weak.

Blockheads could find a way to prevent time crystal piracy, and if they didn’t want that many servers, they could increase the time crystals needed than before to add world credit.

About the ‘Connection Issue’ problem, I believe this would cause many people to get frustrated and quit. I am referring to both scenarios where either it kicks everyone out occasionally or people with very bad internet get disconnected very frequently. Maybe they could fix this by increasing the cloud capacity.

Nevertheless, if Blockheads is becoming old and therefore shouldn’t be revived, then I guess I would move on and wait for Sapiens.

Pretty much every update patched a way but then people just found another way

Do you have any suggestions as to how that could be done?

It really isn’t possible, nor is it even worth the effort at this point.

It probably has to do with your internet connection.

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A lot easier said than done. Unless time crystals somehow get tied to your Apple ID/Google Play Games account and are stored only server-side, there will always be a way to crack them, especially on rooted/jailbroken devices.

In one complicated and with lots of assumptions word: Blockchain.