Blockheads Mechanics You Might Not Know

  1. Gears above a blockshead’s head means that s/he is trying to compute how to go to the square you mentioned. It also most likely means that you cannot get to the square you tapped.

  2. The “Get Workbench” button is for when you are really desperate. For example: no portal, no dirt, etc. It is the same as crafting one from a portal.

  3. You must be standing still and not doing anything to be able to teleport.

  4. Sleeping on beds and eating coffee stuff will give you a yellow energy bar, meaning “energy boost.” Your energy will remain at full for a while and it will not start going down immediately.

  5. Drinking Coffee will not only give you energy, but it will also boost all your speeds.

  6. You can eat coffee cherries even when you are full.

  7. You can make more iron from pig iron than actually mining and smelting it.

  8. Magnets will allow you to extract 5 iron ore from the block (instead of 3 from mining it) and it also allows you to mine black sand without losing durability.

  9. You can obtain time crystals for free by: finding it underground and mining it and watching ads

  10. You only get 1 ore (all ores, flint, clay, etc.) if you mine their block it by hand, but with the correct tool you can get 3 ores from one block. Two for expert mode.

  11. Poison doesn’t actually chip your health away, it just deals the extra damage.

  12. You can make a body of water have healing powers when you go in if you add heat sources such as steam generators or campfires under/in it. It also works if the water is close enough to magma.

  13. You can add icons to your signs and blockhead names!
    ¥ (Yen) = Copper Coin,
    € (Euro) = Gold Coin,
    ₽ (Ruble) = Platinum Coin,
    £ (Pound) = Time Crystal, and
    ∫ (Integral) = Blockhead.
    These only work in signs and names, but not in the chat.

    Copy and make a shortcut or something. There’s also this bitcoin symbol ₿ that probably doesn’t do anything… :thinking:
  14. Gold tools will give you bonus items after a couple hits. Except they are extremly fragile and inefficient. Using gold tools on certain blocks can give you items. See Video
    [] Use gold spade/pickaxe on this - gets you this
    [] Rocks - Ores/Ingots, Gems
    [] Dirt - Organics/Foods, Clay, Flint
    [] Sand - Coconuts, Glass, Black Sand, Prickly Pear Cactus
    [] Black Sand - Magnets, Iron Ores, Black Glass
    [] Unmined Limestone - Oil
    [] Unmined Sandstone - Gold Ores
    [] Unmined Marble - Red Marble
    [] Basalt - Iron Ingots
    [] Unmined Red Marble - Gold Ingots
    [] Unmined Lapis Lazuli - Gold Ingots

  15. Blockheads can’t go through black areas. For example, if there is a big blot in the sky the blockhead would have to go around it if you made him go directly around it in one tap.

Feel free to add more mechanics people might not know!

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One thing, getting time crystals from meditation has been removed as of release 1.7 in March of 2018


Really helpful as I didn‘t know about the magnet‘s use before, thanks! :slight_smile:


Anyone know something else?


2 in expert

It’s not how many blocks, it’s how many hits. You can use a gold shovel on stone and get rewards before mining a full block.

Also coffee cherries

You can create a healing pool without any campfires, furnaces, or other block-made sources of heat if you go down near lava level.


WOW I didn’t know that!


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