Blockheads Myth

An ancient force who was in Blockworld before Dave generated the land. It shaped the mountains, flooded the oceans, and excavated the caves. It filled the bottom with lava, and built a barrier at the top. It stitched the two ends of the world together at the North Pole, and placed a portal as the only way in. It was meant to be a prison for blockheads, a place where the entity could toy with them. But he chose the wrong blockhead as his victim. The blockhead that came through the portal was Dave, a very powerful one adept in the art of majic. Using his power, Dave shattered the being, crystallizing its fragments and burying them in caves. Blockheads today would still use the fragments of the being to power majic, thinking that they are nothing more than shiny gemstones. But not all of the being got crystallized. Most of it scattered throughout the world, shrouding it in a black fog. It’s called fog of war because it is the result of the war between the entity and Dave.

The world was nothing but a dry piece of land; only water, dirt, and basic stone existed, until Dave found the land. Dave wanted to bring beauty to the land, so he filled it with towering maples and colorful cherry trees, he filled the mountains with lapis and the deep earth with red marble. He sprinkled cactus in the low deserts, and sky islands in the high skies. He filled the caves with precious treasures and he beautified the stone with precious metals. He even fertilized the dirt into compost, allowing his trees to grow tall and bear many fruits. But this beauty came at a cost. The plants grew limitlessly, devouring land and draining the compost of its nutrients, turning it into dirt. Soon, the plants started dying off, so Dave took action. With a heavy heart, he sent hoards of animals down on the land. Scorpions tore up the sand for prickly pears, donkeys ruined carrot patches, dropbears picked off every last pinecones, yaks hiked in herds, destroying any wheat in their way, fish picked leaves off seaweed until they died, and dodos scavenged any fruits that fell. But no animals wanted to eat flax or sunflower seeds, because they were too hard and not nutritious enough, and limes were too sour and acidic for any animals to eat. So Dave handled it himself. He created a insect with a unstoppable hunger for those plants. It ate every last lime tree, as well as most of the flax and sunflowers, and eventually, the insects hardened into limestone. The seeds they ate were pressurized into oil, and intact limes still exist inside the limestone.

But even with hundreds of animals to keep him company, Dave felt very lonely. He needed people he could talk to, so he gave a pebble a part of his power, creating the first time crystal. He used it to punch a hole in the universe, letting in 9 people, thus creating the 10 people server limit. At first, they were friends and crafted together, until they discovered majic. One blockheads got a time crystal from Dave’s chest, not expecting much, until he realized its power. He used it to warp in a level 1 magic bench. He shared his secret with the others, but he never told Dave, fearing he would be mad at him for stealing such a powerful item. Each blockhead did something different with their bench. One made another bench that can turn iron into gold, one made her beloved animals much stronger, one made a pickaxe that can mine lava, and one made a bow that matches the power of a scorpion sting. But each of them feared the other would steal their power, so they scattered across the planet, leaving Dave alone once again. Dave exited his mortal form. This began the Era of Majic.

In the Era of Majic, before average people discovered the world of Blockheads, all the worlds and servers were ruled by wizards. One powerful wizard wanted more control, because his five Blockheads couldn’t see everything. In order to achieve this, he attempted to defy the laws of portal and nature, by trying to warp in a sixth blockhead. Blockheads requires food to warp in because he or she’s body is cloned from the cells inside the food. But the greedy wizard tried to use gold coins instead food items, hoping it will make a super blockhead. Using lots of time crystals and diamonds, he was able to break through the portal’s restriction and warp in a sixth blockhead. But gold coins aren’t organic, so the process deformed the blockhead, making him short, wide, one-eyed, and hungry for gold. The wizard was able to make it climb and hunt, but it couldn’t craft or build. He was disgusted by his creation, he named him “Troll” as an insult, and he tried to destroy Troll. The wizard was powerful enough to kill Troll but, he realized that killing him was much more difficult than killing most enemies, because the cells in the troll’s body came from gold coins, making them harder than flesh. So he had an idea. He didn’t want to look at Troll, yet Troll was powerful, so the wizard buried a treasure and made Troll guard it. But the wizard noticed at Troll would burn due to the heat. The wizard knew that portal emit cold, so he sucked the power out of a portal and lit a stick using the concentrated power, making ice torches. He taught Troll to follow ice torches, that way he wouldn’t leave his lair and get burnt. In order to hide more treasure, the wizard made many more ice torches and Trolls and scattered them across the lava layer.

Every portal’s power is held together by their base stone, so the troll wizard tried to become even richer by replacing the base with a gold coin. This made the very first trade portal. However, the rules of portal stated that no one can get free riches from a portal; they have to give something in exchange. But once again, the troll wizard broke those laws using the sheer power of time crystals, making the first glitched trade portal. But the power of the time crystal damaged the fundamental laws of a few items on the other side of the portal. These became known as… actually, they are nameless. They are unknown. And to this day, they are still waiting to be brought from the trade portal into the world by unsuspecting blockheads.

As it turns out, breaking the rules of the portal twice destroyed the majic barrier that prevented mortals from entering Blockworld. Hundreds of mortal flooded in, setting up homesteads, starting the Coexistence Era. The wizard who created Troll was upset that his land was being claimed by mortals. He infused dropbear fur with lava, making a fabric that can endure insane amounts of cold. He crafted a hat out of this, the North Pole hat of warmth. Then, using the majic of ice torches, he made a weapon that cast the entire world in a winter. Only the troll wizard could survive on the surface, because he had the North Pole hat of warmth. The mortals were forced underground, desperately digging worms for a little food. Another wizard was angry about how the troll wizard treated the mortals, so she set out to help the mortals. She liquified a rainbow, making rainbow essence, an incredible food. By watering fruit trees using essence, the trees grew great fruits that could feed blockheads for months. But the troll wizard found out, and he crystallized the essence trees using so that the mortals couldn’t use them, forming gem trees. But essence wizard didn’t have much essence left, because the clouds block rainbows, so she crafted a hat out of the last fruit she had, producing the Sunrise hat of fullness. But it could only feed one blockhead, so she gave it to a random one.


Desperate to end the winter, the essence wizard struck a deal with the lava wizard. If he stopped the winter, she gave him a skirt that would keep him content, the Sunset skirt of happiness. The lava wizard raised the lava level, melting the snow and reviving plants. But this process had a consequence; the rising lava swallowed most of the platinum and titanium ore in the ground, making both very rare resources. But the mortal were very angry about the winter, so they stole magic items from the wizards’ bases. They wanted to craft something that can trap the wizards, so they manipulated the magic in gold, because platinum became very rare. So came the invention of protection signs. Using these signs, the mortals trapped every wizard and killed them. Every except two. The speed wizard used her own blood to craft boots that make her fast enough to run from the angry mortals, the South Pole boots of speed, but eventually they cornered her on the tallest mountain, making climbing the tallest mountain in a world an achievement. Then the troll wizard was killed at the sky islands above his castle. So begins the age of science.

The first years of the Science Era were chaotic ones. The blockheads who owned pole items were generals and warlords that are coveted by their people. They constantly battled for the other pole items in order to have more power. There was no peace. But Dave wanted peace. He chose a worthy blockhead and filled his head with the blueprint of something truly wonderful. So he set out on a adventure. He mined entire stacks of coal and oil, and used them to tinker around until he made a discovery: fuel. By combining this with carbon fiber and titanium (which were discovered long before) he made a jetpack. He used his invention to fly past the guards and walls that protect the kings, and he stole the pole items. Using ancient wizard majic, he cast each item out to the edges of the worlds, and turned three very worthy people into super mods. Then he threw the last majic items into lava, preventing anyone from abusing majic ever again. Without the pole items, the blockheads no longer listened to the generals, there were many coups, and soon, the super mods rose to power. A new system was formed using the majic inside of super mods: world owners, co owners, admins, and mods.


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In the middle of the Era of Science, industry was booming. With no threats to stop them, blockheads build massive factories and farms to maximize production. But people didn’t pay attention to the damage they were doing. Dropbears, scorpions, and sharks were displaced and killed to make room for buildings, dodos, donkeys, and yaks were stuck in little farms with no room, waiting to be slaughtered. And the ground was being drained of every resource. Dave was angry, and he casted three curses upon Blockworld. First he made blood rain down upon the world for three days. This gave the predators a vicious taste for blockheads, replacing their craving for farm animals. Next, Dave made every aspect of the world to harder, creating Expert Mode. Finally, he turned all of the metal back into ore, all of the wood back into trees, and all of the animals were free. Blockheads were suddenly on the bottom of the food chain, with nowhere to hide and nothing to defend themselves. This brings a new order to Blockworld.

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When Dave thought it was all over, the greatest threat to ever exist happened. A greedy blockhead unearthed the majic bench used by the troll wizard. He used it to turn safes full of rocks into safes full of time crystals. He manufactured more benches, and gave them to players to make more safes. The universal fabric of Blockworld was created by the ancient entity, so it had a limited capacity, and the amount of time crystals that are in Blockworld exceeded it. Blockworld was torn apart and was collapsing. So Dave had to take a desperate measure; he collected every gem in Blockworld and combined them into piles of gem blocks, making the ancient entity. As soon as it was brought back, the entity sucked all of the fog of war, making it whole. However, this process created fog glitches. They agreed to save this world, because they both care about it, so together, they drain power from time crystals, making them less powerful. And they turned every majic bench into workbenches. This brought forth The Collapse.

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Without time crystal as a stable currency, Blockworld became chaotic. The power of super mods became questionable as rogues griefed servers and abused their admin powers. Many fled through portals, fearing for the lives for their blockheads. Dave decided this land was hopeless, so he left forever. However, a few blockheads are willing to stay and revive this once great world. The future is uncertain, because I can only see the past. But hopefully, someday Blockworld will be returned to its peak.


(possible addition?) After the Collapse, blockheads joined again, making a megalithic community! This era became known as the Re-Constructment, where Blockworld was filled with players! This lasted for a while, but then, some blockheads found glitches and used them to their powers! They were known as hackers, making some people rage quit! Eventually, the Re-Constructment was over, and the era known as The Bleeding era. Blockworld was dying. The blockheads that were still in bockworld became very scarce, with only 5 servers with the 16 player cap! This era is still going, but one can not see the future. We can only tell the stories of the past.