Blockheads Mythbusters!

Blockheads Mythbusters
I’m thinking of starting a series of articles to debunk various misunderstandings or myths about the game, or to even confirm what some have called myths which are not.

First up on the altar of scientific scrutiny is:
“Gold Spades produce better bonuses on ore rather than natural stone

To either confirm or debunk this, I designed the following experiment:

I. Protocol

A. Materials
    1) 10 gold spades
    2) 40 Natural, untouched stone blocks
    3) 5 untouched Iron Ore Deposits
    4) Empty Inventory

B.  Location
    1) Skeeve’s Narnia
    2) Normal Tool Wear setting

C.  Procedure
    1) Chop 40 natural stone blocks using up 5 gold spades completely.
    2) Photograph resulting Inventory then empty inventory.
    3) Chop 5 Ore deposits using up the other 5 gold spades completely.  (If any remaining tool life remains, use it to continue chopping on a 6th ore deposit)
    4) Photograph resulting Inventory

II. Report

A. The resulting inventory after chopping 40 natural stone with 5 gold spades was:

B. The resulting inventory after chopping 5 iron ore deposits with 5 gold spades (plus 5 chops into. 6th deposit) was:

III. Discussion

A. These results are very interesting. While chopping stone did yield a small quantity of very valuable ore (platinum and titanium), the iron ore deposit had better yields of gold and steel.

B. Also notice the vast amount more iron ore: 72 vs a mere 5 for the stone deposit. This is understood to be the result of the random “tens” bonus one gets with a gold tool used on ore.

C. Natural stone seemed to slightly win out with the gem bonus though, having 2 amethysts and 1 more Sapphire than the iron deposit.

IV. Conclusion

A. The phrase “Gold Spades produce better bonuses on ore rather than natural stone” is inconclusive. More data and experimentation is needed because the statistical sampling is too small.

B. There are some who will positively claim from their own experience that gold tools give better yield on ore than natural stone (not taking into account the “tens” bonus)

C. It is this author’s opinion however, that aside from the tens bonus, there is no statistical difference between the bonus yield on natural stone versus the bonus yield on ore. This assertion is at least supported by the data shown above, but as mentioned, a more robust statistical sampling is necessary to provide a conclusive statement.

D. Better yet, Dave Frampton, Blockheads creator, could simply tell us whether the algorithm varies or not with the block being chopped. (Tens bonus aside of course)

Final ruling: Inconclusive


Very Interesting! Skeeve’s laboratory :slight_smile:

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Gotta do one of these too lol


Here’s a bit more data… 20x :slight_smile:


A lab full of majic, to say the least. :wink:


Yoz! :slight_smile:

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I knew I couldn’t shake the feeling of dejavu that we did this all before! :joy:

I’m gonna look that over carefully, but I think it’s very apparent that apart from the bonus 10 ore you get randomly, there really is no other difference in bonus items.

Although, granted this is old data from an old version of the game and we can’t be totally sure something hasn’t changed since then.

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Are you doing weekly episodes of Majicbusters?


My data is from 1.7 on an normal expert mode world, so that should be the same :wink:

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Drops seemed to me to be different on expert mode and regular mode. Some drops averaged out to one per twenty gold spades, so it takes a lot of spades to average the drops since you can get good drops from one spade, or use thirty or more without getting the good drop you’ve been waiting for. It seems to me that I get more and better drops on expert worlds from the same ore blocks. Although I love using gold spade on normal mode servers too, of course. :smiley:

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Science is awesome. Thanks guys. I really love this stuff :slight_smile:


:clap: Me too!

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Based on your data then, Bibs, I think it’s safe to say that with the exception of the “tens bonus” for the particular ore being mined - it makes no difference using a Gold Spade on Natural Stone versus Ore.

There’s one block though that we haven’t tested yet: Gravel.
I recently discovered that gold tools produce bonuses on Gravel. This was very unexpected because Gravel is not a naturally occurring block. Nonetheless, bonus items came from it one day when I ran out of tin spades and so used a gold spade in my inventory to do some pixel art.

I’m going to hypothesize, however, that the bonus yield on gravel is statistically the same as everything else.