Blockheads myths you believed in


I actually want to know what kind of myths you believed in during blockheads life span.

I know one, which was that you could obtain a bench to make pole items. But that turned out to be false. I know now pole items do respawn so that’s great :slight_smile:

Share any myths you may have believed or heard. :slight_smile:


I thought that you could actually dye armor and jetpacks.


“Torches can burn down wood”, someone arsoned a house made out of wood and pretended the torches did it. I was skeptical but didn’t completely doubt it.


I originally thought kilns and furnaces could burn down wood.


I thought there would be less lag in 1.7 :wink:


I thought that magma was a liquid and that ice armor could be crafted.


I thought you could scoop lava with a bucket. I also thought lava was interactive, but it just acts like a barrier. The only thing it does is burn stuff.


That the North Pole was to the right on my sp world.

It wasn’t.


This isn’t really a myth, but I originally didn’t know that TC hacking was bad. I didn’t do it myself, but I had friends who TC hacked, duped, everything. They gave me hacked TC and I made loads of bad servers with them. I think that then one day somebody posted a link to a forum post showing why TC hacking is bad in a game, and I clicked on it and immediately realised how bad it was.


I thought you could do a ritual with ice torches, to summon a cave troll. It consisted of placing ice torches in a dark cave with a TP and a gold chest and meditating for a few days.

Needless to say, it didn’t work.


I once believed you could get a baby cave troll if you locked two adults in a room to themselves for a couple of days.


I remember that was a myth started by edepot sharing a youtube video, with some crafty editing. LOL

I’m wracking my brain for any myths I believed but I got nuthin.


Omg I genuinely recall watching that video!


I thought I could swim in lava. Naturally, I went to the bottom and sat there with half a stack of food for a bit, wondering why I couldn’t swim.


I thought water was wet.


I’m not sure “believed” is the correct term, but I considered the idea that duped items caused lag a possibility for a while. Pretty dumb in someone has a pretty good idea how items work :slight_smile:


baby cave trolls might be the most common myth
i yearn for the day where this will actually be added to the game


I thought ice armor would protect you from lava


I thought oil was an electricity source, that is a rumour.


And then your expectations were the total opposite. :joy: