Blockheads myths you believed in


I thought ice armor was the best and was impossible to get unless trade portal.
This was before I found cave trolls or the forums.
Also thought cave trolls could only be cheated in,


Ok, I remembered one, finally! For years of building handcar tracks, I was under the impression that “Rails can’t be placed underwater”. I had tried it myself, so the myth seemed legit. I would drain a tunnel of water before adding rails and then flood it again if that’s what I was going for. (Underwater riding is a challenge unto itself).

Then, about 2 years ago, an admin on my server discovered that hey! you can place rails on underwater blocks if you tap the top surface of the block, the way you might do if you were painting the top of it. And voila! The track is placed!

Yeah, I know. Not as good a troll babies.


I believed that monsters came out at night back in 2013, since the AppStore told me as much. I guess they meant dropbears?

Someone photoshopped a tulip and created the ‘rainbow tulip’ hoax, too. I was inclined to believe it right away since I knew nothing of tulips, them being a new addition back then–but right after, someone exposed the lie. :stuck_out_tongue: I was rather disappointed.

A myth a surprising amount of people on servers believe is that titanium armor is stronger than carbon fiber and buy loads of it…so I equipped myself with the much cheaper carbon fiber armor, which usually meant people were more willing to give up their time to fight with me since they thought they had an advantage. :lol:

If you could choose one thing to get rid of

For a tiny bit I believed tc would be useful in 1.7


Oh my god, I thought the same thing! At night, when it was absolutely pitch dark, I’d climb up trees and hang on for my life.


One time I saw a dropbear and climbed up in a tree
There was another and it attacked me

Of course this was back when I didn’t know about titanium swords


I believed you could get emmeralds from campfires.
I confused them with embers.