Blockheads needs an account in 1.7

I think the blockheads needs an account with username & password in it and free sign up with your email, why not? The blockheads never had an account before but we still make our username and change it. Well blockheads needs an account in 1.7. With no account when you delete this app and reinstall back, your world or server is already disappeared. Use your other electronic, your world and stuff is not there. And people can mess your app too. People feel worried or not. When 1.7 update has an account, we should make one and is good to have an account and keep your world & stuff safe. You can log in & log out blockheads also when you need to.


Single player worlds are saved on your device. You can (potentially) back them up and transfer (but I don’t know how).

There technically are accounts. They are managed with your support ID. You can ask milla to merge them to gain control of your old usernames. Don’t share your support ID with anyone but her.

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True. I see several servers where people fake identities, saying they are two people at the same time. Some may have MPD, but a few just do it… because they can.

Not every child has an email address, and not every parent is willing to give their child an account.

Accounts require emails for security. Emails could cause COPPA problems

We don’t have accounts now

How will we keep our data making new ones

Support IDs are accounts.

I think they could like make portal chest accounts or something because they are the only thing really deleted when you lose the game or something. Maybe linking them to your support ID or something…

You can also loose your support idea when you delete the game, and you loose your SP worlds.

Yeah but the support ID is cloud saved. I don’t play sp worlds anymore. Not really. So those arnt an issue but I know some people do

Of course they’re an issue, even if you don’t play on them.

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True. But there’s no way to make it in the cloud if it’s neant to be saved on your device and able to be played offline. If the single player worlds were added to the cloud then not only would the server count go up by a large amount but they would no longer be playable offline. People who want to keep their single player worlds should backup their device and then they can recover lost data

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What I’m trying to say is that I’m not to fond of this suggestion, and SP worlds are just as important as cloud worlds.

Why is this in Questions?

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Moved to suggestions.


What if you could choose to have an authenticated account, but you don’t have too? Maybe you would be required to make an account if you where making a server?? Just a thought.

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Passwords can be guessable, support IDs are guessable to superhumans only I think. If this was added, I would like this to be optional. I’d rather account stay how they are, that would be even better.


Meaning when you have accounts that you can log in and out of, you need emails as a security (for reasons I don’t know). Emails = COPPA problems, and COPPA wouldn’t let under 13 year olds share emails

Why, idk, but if you ignore COPPA, you can risk getting in trouble, so accounts are more trouble than they’re worth


Passwords can also be crackable, which is easier depending on how long the password is or what type of characters there are. Support IDs would need to be obtained using some sort of database assessment, or superhuman power. Neither of those things are too concerning, longer passwords takes longer to crack (or never), and database assessment on a kind of application like Blockheads is probably extremely difficult, and would probably require an experienced hacker to get data from it.

Hard passwords are always good, my point is no password is better (support id instead). I like how accounts are now, I don’t feel like it needs to be changed.

I don’t either, but it’s good for people to know to always make tough passwords. :slight_smile: