Blockheads News (Fake!)


Make fake articles that happened in tbh!

Blockhead caught drinking and driving
Train driver “MIKE” was caught drinking coffee while riding a steam locomotive. Drinking and driving is against the law. MIKE sped up, and his train got derailed. Luckily, MIKE jumped out of the train and caught it just in time before it cause extra damage. MIKE says, “The railroad was defective…there was a steep drop…” The jury is now in progress. Additional charges will be held against MIKE for littering his clay cup on the railroad.


Player caught censor evading, name calling, advertising and spamming in LOREM IPSUM:
We’ve reported that a player named “Asdf” was caught censor evading in an expert survival and economy server run by QuickBrownFox, Co-Owned by his brother LazyDog, and his cousins Etaoin and Shrdlu. called “Lorem Ipsum”. The Welcome Message says that “swearing is against the rules”. Asdf said the following phrases, “:rage: you QuickBrownFox, LazyDog, Etaoin and SHRDLU, I want a Yellow frame on my avatar, stupid r3tards!!!”(“Retard” is banned in the server), “QuickBrownFox you noob haxor idiot”, “Join my Free TC server known as AsdfTC: (insert link here)”, etc. Additional Charges held at Asdf are for spamming, name calling, advertising and Censor Evading.