Blockheads Nostalgia

I’m not sure if this topic already exists, but this this thread will be posting about blockheads nostalgia. I’m not sure if I’m the only one here, but who remembers voice chat in blockheads?


I’ve been playing intermittently for approximately six years and I don’t remember a voice chat at all.

Do you mean like speech-to-text, or is this even older than the point where you could get tc items in the tp?

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Wait, voice chat doesn’t exist anymore? What?
Did it leave at the same time as Game Center multiplayer?

@Testif There was a voice chat (an actual button to turn on your mic so you could talk with each other), but maybe not for servers? I only remember using it when you randomly matched with people hosting their SPs through Game Center. Never on servers. I could be wrong, though.

I think it did leave before the game centre feature left. I’m not sure. It had a button on players I believe.

Does anyone remember when we could buy TC-made items from the Trade Portal?

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I remember voice chat. Didn’t have to use Discord.

Not sure how long ago was this, but one of my earliest memories of playing The Blockheads was joining a Blockserver world, losing health continuously immediately after spawning in, and whacking the steel-clad spawn with my fists in frustration.

I have vague memories of this. But was there a point where blockheads had “Voice chat?”

I didn’t use it much since my friends didn’t ever play with me, but I did occasionally. This was back when you could add random people to your friends list on Game Center, so every once in a while someone on my list would play with me.

I preferred single player, so that’s what I mostly played.

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One of the first server worlds I joined (via random server) was:


I miss it. I had built a huge U.S. flag from ground to space. I made a few friends.


Voice chat was a Game Center thing. The game itself never had it that I’m aware of.

I would voice chat with my friends on single player worlds. Saved a lot on phone bills.

I remember when I could buy golden beds and gem pickaxes from the trade portal


I so miss being able to buy golden beds. Thanks hackers.


Ah okay. I wasn’t sure if it was game centre or the game.

Ohhhmyyy this brings back so many memories.
I remember I used to invite people on my singleplayer through Gamecenter all the time.
I remember that the voice chat was gone long before the full gamecenter compatibility was removed.
I also remember when I started playing my blockhead couldn’t die at all, and when they included death, I had someone come over with gamecenter and kill one of my blockheads to see what it did. :joy: