Blockheads not fading?

Last night I was playing on Skeeve’s newest server, and it hit sixteen people. That is the first time in a very long time I have seen a server hit sixteen players, even anime servers. I have also been looking at the servers with the most people by typing “ “ or “E”, and to me it seems that the numbers are up a bit. Are you seeing this too?


That would be cool if The Blockheads made a massive comeback in 2020.


I’ve been seeing a few of servers with 16 people in the past few months, it would be nice if it were to happen more often.


Milla is able to view that kind of information.

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I’m not saying all worlds are anime, but when I search for popular worlds the first worlds are most often anime.


I do that sometimes to search for worlds to join, am lonely lmao

As there are fewer and fewer servers with credit, the remaining player base might consolidate in greater numbers on the remaining servers. But I think some servers just get boosted by novelty and hype.

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Servers counts going down player count might have increased due to corona19 or just people were boring and want to get some nostalgia as the player count increased a bit severs are less and concentrating it.