Blockheads on Android = Disgusting!

I’ve recently had a massive phone upgrade, going from an iPhone 5s to a Samsung Galaxy S9. Although I do love the new android experience, I’ve realized that blockheads runs far worse on a brand new android than on a now 5 year old device. What’s going on here?
Of course, it’s well known that blockheads runs better on iOS. However, the glitches and bugs make the game near unplayable on android. Here are just a few of the bugs that I found in a single day of playing:
1: Auto rotation. This was a strange bug that rotated my screen opposite to the vertical position of my device. This could be resolved by turning off auto rotation, but doing so sometimes results in a weird screen inversion, in which the screen looks compressed until I turn auto rotation back on.
2: Chat. Now here is where I had quite a few glitches. First, I realized that the chat and back buttons “spontaneously combusted”. They still served their purpose, but they simply didn’t appear. I also had a couple of instances in which I couldn’t see what I was typing, but that was resolved when I tapped on the screen. Chat also sometimes disappears entirely when someone speaks, which makes it extremely difficult to reply to anyone. Typing was mediocre too, and I eventually gave up on communication entirely.
3: Crashes. Not only were they frequent, but they were also extremely annoying. They would mostly occur while joining servers on the loading screen, but I did have other crashes in other random instances. Note this is the first game that has ever crashed on my device
These are the main issues I’ve experienced on my first day, and I’m honestly dreading opening blockheads again on this phone. I’m willing to give more information about any further issues, and I’m legitimately hoping for a far better and more playable android experience. See ya!
On a side note, happy new years to you all!


If you want that solved that’s not majic jungle’s problem.
That’s an apple bug
(Not one of those worms that eat apples, basic school image “;p)

Well, that’s something.

Same here, that’s something.

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Dave cannot fix any of these


iOS is just more optimized.
Android was handled by Noodlecake.


The best way to deal with issues that the community can’t help you with is to contact Noodlecake’s support team. If you pause the game and go to HELP/CREDITS, then scroll down to the support section, there’s a link to email them there. You will get an autoresponse with help articles linked in it, to which you should reply to let them know if the links didn’t help you. They will then get back to you.

As has been mentioned, Dave develops the game for iOS, which is by far our largest market, then sends it off to Noodlecake. They then port it to Android, then publish and support it. Unless an Android problem is present on both iOS as well it’s their province.

Android is the wild west of games platforms, because every hardware manufacturer alters the base Android OS to their own specifications for their hardware, which means there is almost no uniformity. I do not envy Noodlecake their task!


@milla well I’ll be sure to contact them soon, I have quite a lot of issues to report. Many thanks yet again milla!

I also have samsung and have all the problems said. Plus: Does anyone else have problems with exiting the keyboard for signs?

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