Blockheads on Android

Hey there guys!

I just had a massive brain blast trying to remember this random game I played when I was like 12 that revolved around survivors and apples and oranges with some time mechanic… but I couldnt put my finger on it!

After google-fu I decided that that game was this one, blockheads. And I wanted to try this game again. unfortunately, it seems to have disappeared off the google play store.

Any idea why or if it will ever come back, I would like to play again and have outgrown apple products

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you’ll be wanting to read into this

Reason for removal from store is being a 32 bits

When in unknown date in the future devices drop 32 bit support, alternative to play Blockheads should be device emulators to emulate old CPUs.

This might help. :slight_smile:

Why the game had shut down on Android? Because of the game crushed?

Hello, it did not shutdown on Android. Blockheads is a 32 bit app Google removing those from its store. It is still possible to download and install from other sources other then Google store. Check for complete information

The Blockheads is still available on Android devices. :slight_smile:

if i had a dollar for every time someone asked this, I would be rich. lol


It would be nice if there was a notification that tells them that it’s removed when they sign up

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It is a pinned post.

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But people still don’t read it


That’s okay. I don’t mind posting the same thing for people…when others don’t get in ahead of me. It’s what community is all about :slight_smile: