Blockheads on the kindle won't update!


I want an answer why in the neck is this game on the Amazon store and it won’t work is it a problem with blockheads or Amazon
This game used to be my favorite on the kindle i want to get back into it… But that is not possible due to… This issue
So I’m wondering is there a fix or what or has the Amazon store unsupported this game?


I believe the kindle has been unsupported.


Really? Why is it on the app store then?


I’m not sure. I may be wrong but I’m pretty positive it’s been unsupported.


Did blockheads or Amazon make it incompatible?


I am not sure on that one. :confused:


Okay thanks hopefully @milla will appear on this thread


I hope so!


Yes, Kindle got cut from development and won’t be supported for the update. You can get it off of the play store from Google I think, but it would be less optimized.





I’ll leave this here for proof, sorry you’re upset. I would be too.


Thank you!

Your darn right I’m mad

Playing sad music right now

I’ll probably forget the game and go play ark survival evolved


Wingysam has a mac server that remains on 1.6. To join it go to Join World > Advanced > Online Port/IP > then enter the IP and port in the quote above :wink:

Edit; I don’t know if it works right now.


Pretty sure it does, although I could be wrong.



But seriously it’s bc Amazon isn’t supported for 1.7 and beyond


Correction: Ben said it may be supported in the future.


I never said it wouldn’t be in the future, I’m only saying how it is currently.


That contradicts “and beyond”, because it may change in the future.


“Currently, it’s not supported for 1.7 and beyond.”


I can’t find where Ben said that, but it looked like you meant they would never update Kindle again. I wanted you to see where I was coming from. You did leave out ‘‘Currently’’, but maybe it’s my fault that I would need specific clarification.