Blockheads online isn’t working

So i recently played blockheads again, but when i tried to play a server, it just said that there was a connection error, so i checked my internet and looked at my games version, but the error still happened, and this doesn’t happen on my older device, in which it’s just normal.

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Maybe try updating the app or restarting your connection or device?

What type of device do you have and what is the iOS version?

Could you provide us with some device information please?

iPad 5th Generation iOS 12.3.1

Already tried. no result

Do you get that error if you try connecting to other worlds, or is specific to that server?

Try updating to iPadOS 13.1.2. See if that changes anything.

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No it happens to all servers, although normal worlds do work

I would but i don’t want to lose my jailbreak (btw i didn’t use jailbreak for blockheads)

Then I can’t help you. There aren’t many solutions if your device is jailbroken. It must have to do with the jailbreak you’re using.

Either find a different jailbreak and see if The Blockheads works or update to the latest version of iPadOS which should fix the problems you’re having either way.

I highly doubt that, but just restore iOS and jailbreak again.

I’m afraid we don’t support Jailbroken devices at all. There are too many unknowns.

BTW I merged two of your posts. If you wish to reply to more than one person at a time, just reply to the first and @ the rest :slight_smile:

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I’ll try to unjailbreak, But my other device is jail broken and also working.

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Oh yeah, if you prefer JB over playing in our cloud then keep it JBed, by all means. I don’t have a problem with JBing, per se. I just won’t support JBed devices professionally. That’s pretty standard in my job :slight_smile:


What tweaks do you have installed?

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