Blockheads Overhaul (1.8 update?)

The blockheads overhaul. What exactly do you mean by that you might ask? well, Its a large update with lots of new content that could fit into this game. There are many different types of objects and mechanics (sorry milla if im breaking the rules by including lots of new mechanics and objects into one post) such as weather, combat mechanics, new objects and items, etc.

so… lets begin!

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weather in blockheads is plain and simple. Rain and sun are the main types. but how about I introduce a few new mechanics into the game?



It only occurs when raining. each time it rains, there is a 10% chance of it happening every 2 minutes.

Lightning tends to strike the tallest area within ~100 blocks of a blockhead. this is to prevent lightning from seeming redundant.

If the area struck is within 5 blocks of a blockhead along the X axis or 2 blocks along the Y axis it will deal certain damage. If a blockhead is struck directly it will instantly deal 100% maximum damage. even at full health you will be instantly knocked straight into the death bar.

The math (+ slight amount of code) involving damage and distance is equal to this:


DX = distance along the X axis (1 block = 1 distance)
DY = distance along the Y axis(1 block = 1 distance)
DMG = base damage (100)
DMGZ = damage result before further math
DMGX = damage result
/ = divided by

code is indicated by bold

X axis-wise: DMG/DX = ( if(DX = 1) then: ) - 25 = DMGX

(in short, the damage is divided by the distance. if DX is 5 (aka if the blockhead is 5 blocks away) it will only deal 20 damage. if the distance is 1 then 25 damage is reduced due to division of 1 problems. )

Y axis-wise: DMG/(DY+1) = DMGX

(in short, the damage is divided by DY distance. The 1 is added for practicality. if a blockhead is 1 block above the strike, he/she will only receive 50 damage. if the blockhead is 2 blocks higher, then 33 damage will be done (rounded))

Both axis-wise: DMG/(( If(DX = 1) then: +1)) + DY) = DMGX

(In short, the X distance is taken and given a “1” if equal to “1” and then it adds the Y axis together. this means if a blockhead is 3 blocks away from the lightning strike and 1 block on top then the damage he/she receives is 25%.)

Another mechanic of lightning is burning certain objects. if an object is burnable and is directly struck by lightning it will be set on fire. Lightning can be turned off in custom worlds.

Rain and snow.

Perhaps rain and snow mechanics require a few changes.


Yes indeed. Rain seems like it does not require any new additions, but i think otherwise. As the rain system is not perfect.

Lets start with campfires. Campfires in the rain seem to have no changes at all. I suggest a change to campfires where they start losing fuel quickly while in the rain.

But… thats just campfires. There needs to be a new status effect for rain to actually make a difference.
Which is exactly what i think would be a good addition.

Upon entering a body of water for 0.5 seconds or being in the rain for 2 seconds, you get a lasting “wet” effect that naturally wears off after 2 minutes. This effect slows your movement down by 7.5% and decreases happiness by 25%, makes you drain energy 1.5x faster and deceases environment by 75% Rain can be combated with the addition of new clothing:

A hood and a coat could be added. They are made at a max level tailor’s bench.


waterproof hood
1 carbon black pigment
1 copper blue pigment
2 leather
1 tin ingot

Waterproof coat
1 carbon black pigment
1 copper blue pigment
1 leather
1 fur coat
2 tin ingots


The reasoning behind the tin ingots is to make them waterproof.
The hood allows you to stay in rain for 1 minute without getting wet. the Coat allows you to not get wet for 3 minutes and together you can stay in the rain for a maximum of 12.5 minutes without getting wet. They do not protect you from becoming wet if you enter a body of water. (atleast 0.5 blocks in height)
being in the sun decreases the time of the debuff “wet” by 500%


Snow… my favorite type of weather, to be honest!
As far as “The blockheads” snow mechanics do, they do require a bit of tweaking. A few of them being:

I strongly believe that snow needs a massive upgrade to it’s effect of coldness. By experience, for snow to even pose as a threat you have to have a custom world with wetness at maximum and temperature at very cold. I understand that maybe you might think " but why should the weather be a threat?" and thats a good question. but, the problem here is that “the blockheads” does not pose much of a challenge. im not saying that the game should be as hard as possible, but atleast make snow deal decent damage to your blockhead if he/she isn’t wearing anything.

Snow should also be able to reduce the fuel amount of campfires that are in the open. As from personal experience in the game, i find a fully burning campfire submerged in snow quite unrealistic.

snow being a block itself
Once snow builds up high enough to occupy a block slot, make it turn into a collectible block. it would melt faster than ice, slow any movement on it by 25% and could be turned into water using a campfire. (as a crafting recipe with a snow block and a bucket)

Solar panels

Just as a little touch, make snow reduce the power of solar panels. becuase honestly, i dont think a solar panel would work very well buried in snow. make solar panel effective diminish the deeper it is in snow. for example. a solar panel 50% in snow would only work 50% as well as it would not being buried in snow.

And lastly…
Make removing snow easier. Allow the use of a shovel to get rid of snow, even if its not a block. Not many people like waiting 20 minutes for a patch of snow to melt that is invading their home. of course, you could place a block inside the snow to remove it, but allow it to be removed by a shovel as a little convenience for the players.


Mechanical mechanics

Mechanical mechanics include things like electricity, trains, jet packs, pretty much anything that involves fuel or that is mechanical.


From my experience. Trains get the job done. as long as its on a rail and has sufficient space it will not let you down… or will it?

Lets talk about speed. If you want to go fast or are in a hurry, use handcars because trains are not in a hurry.


Trains could have 3 new options: Slow, medium and fast.

On the slow setting, trains would run 50% slower but consume only 25% as much fuel. this means that your distance is doubled at the cost of speed. If you are low on fuel, have a lot of time and need to get to a destination. this is a good choice. just dont expect it to get there quickly.

Trains at this speed would run like normal. nothing special.

Trains would run 175% faster BUT at a downside of using fuel 250% faster. not very effective but it gets the job done. if you are in a hurry and need to get somewhere quickly, use this setting. dont expect your fuel to last long, though!


This upgrade to trains could actually make them viable. As trains arent used that often nowadays, maybe this could help to make them more popular and increase the use of this utility.


Electricity is good and all, but it does have some flaws. Let me explain:

copper blocks
Electricity in this game apparently goes through copper blocks, so why not make them damage players? this could open up so many new PvP and defense options! place a generator under a few copper blocks, and if a blockhead steps on them, they will start to lose 10% of their HP per second and their speed will be reduced by 50%! Now, base defense could be more then just placing down steel blocks and make bases easier to defend. this could even deter griefing from certain areas!

Electricity is too slow
in all honestly, it is. in real life, electricity travels at 1/100 the speed of light. unless blockhead characters move faster then that then i don’t understand. give it a little speed boost of something

Copper wires
come on. those copper wires are LIVE wires with nothing stopping them from simply electrocuting you. if thats supposed to be how it is, give it atleast a weakened version of the copper block shock effect or add some plastic tubing: pixil-frame-0%20(17)

Wires would work the same way as copper wires but without the shock effect, this is the crafting recipe:

10 copper wire
1 plaster block

10 wire

Jet packs

Look, Jet packs are something that dont need a lot of tweaking. There is one thing i would suggest though.

fuel consumption
I think its a bit too low. Look at it this way. you are flying a portable device that allows you to go pretty much anywhere. The jetpack says it has jet engines, but the jet engines dont even have any engines, so god knows how it even works. not to mention it says “jet engine” and apparently jet engines use 1 gallon of fuel in real life, but this is a game so all logic is already thrown out the window (no hate. this game is still good.) so maybe add atleast a bit more fuel consumption.


PvP mechanics

PvP mechanics that need tweaking


While armour is good and all, it can make fights last way too long, even longer if there are more then 1 set that are being used. Armour durability needs no changes, but the longer fights last, the quicker armour should deplete. Every 10 seconds the rate of depletion would reset. and this could be a basic equation to calculate it:

Time Spent In Combat (TSIC)
Normal Armor durability depletion rate (NADDR) (Value: x1)
Additional Combat Armor Durability Depletion Rate (ACADDR)


Basically, every 100 seconds spent in combat, armor depletes 10% faster, making fights shorter.


You are fighting someone that has titanium gear and so do you, both of you have titanium swords are are currently fighting to the death, you are nearly dead. what do you do? slap on some salad onto your wounds and somehow you are completely fine.

But this is the blockheads, what can you expect?

If you are in a PvP fight, i suggest that maybe food would heal 90% less because i dont see how slapping on some salad you bought from a shady portal onto your wounds is gonna help. not to mention its probably going to give you an infection. but… whatever, the blockheads is a video game. Logic never exists in video games so why should this one be an exception? Sure, it might be illogical, but it does make a bit of sense to have healing items. Just that healing in PvP heals a bit too much. i suggest that once you get hit, you can restore 10% of the health normally given by a food item for 5 seconds, just to make fights shorter and not last somewhere between 15-90 minutes.


In PvP, you could drink a sip of coffee and get out of a fight as fast as you could. This is a bit unfair especially for professional PvP players. i suggest that during a PvP fight, if both players hit each other atleast 3 times, if one tries to escape (e.g move 8 blocks away from the other player) then they will be slowed down by 30% for 2 seconds due to uhmm… “crippling leg injuries” the 3 hit rule could be modified but the reason its not instant is so players with strong equipment could not just mow down new players like grass.


New objects

New objects that should be added into the game.

Electrical devices and components.



This item is used for simple and advanced electrical objects. It has a special crafting recipe. It is made on an electric metalwork bench.


Electricity (requires 25% of a generator’s max electricity)
1 metallic string
3 copper wire



Made at an electrical metalwork bench. This is required for Tesla coils.


1 steel ingot
5 copper wire
3 iron
2 copper



Used for controlling certain devices. Made at an electrical metalwork bench. The way it works is that it is wired up to a generator or solar panel, and when pressed, it turns green and lets the electricity through.


1 iron
3 copper wire
1 plaster



This would be created on an electrical metalwork bench. It would be activated through a generator, button (with an electrical current) or solar panel and any blockhead within a radius of 5 blocks that isn’t blocked by anything (except another blockhead) will take 15% DPS and have movement slowed down by 50%. When activated, it uses 0.5% of a generators max electricity (basically, if a generator has 10% electricity or any percentage, then 0.5% electricity will be lost per second) If there is not enough electricity, then it will do nothing.

Metals and Materials

Ti 3Al 2.5 is a titanium alloy made from 94% titanium, 2.5% vanadium, a little bit of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon. since titanium and carbon are the only ones in the game, lets use them as the ingredients.

It would be made at an electric furnace.


10 titanium bars
3 carbon fibers
5 carbon black


5 Ti 3Al 2.5 bars (lets just call it “advanced titanium” from now on.



This string is for certain weapons and devices. It is made at a max level tailor’s bench.


5 string
3 titanium

5 metallic string.



This is made for the advanced titanium bow. It is made at an electric furnace.

2 advanced titanium

10 metal fletching.

Tools and Weapons.

(read “metals and materials” if you haven’t already) Lets start with tools:



This would be made at a max level toolbench. This pickaxe would be 50% more effective than a normal titanium pickaxe. it would also last 75% longer but the crafting recipes would be more expensive.


1 steel ingot (handle)
5 Advanced titanium



This axe would instantly remove any wood blocks like an iron axe, but… it has a special damage modifer. It does the same damage as an iron sword BUT if your opponent is in the “death bar” then it will deal twice the amount of damage a titanium sword would usually do. this could lead to new strategies in PvP and make fights shorter. This is made on a max level toolbench.


1 steel (handle)
3 advanced titanium



This hammer is great for destroying blocks. However, its not good at mining. Let me explain:

This hammer deals x5 more damage than a titanium pickaxe to certain blocks (more about that later on) and deals the same amount of damage to players and enemies as an iron sword.

When I said “certain blocks” I mean that player built blocks, such as steel blocks, player placed stone, etc. I did not mean natural stone or ore. If the hammer is used on those objects, it will have the strength of a steel pickaxe.


7 advanced titanium
1 steel ingot.


lets begin with weapons, now.



This weapon would have x2 the durability of a normal titanium sword and would deal 1.35x more damage. Made at a max level toolbench.


1 steel ingot (handle)
3 advanced titanium



would be able to fire 250 times without breaking. deals 3x the damage of a golden bow. made at a max level toolbench.


10 metallic string
10 advanced titanium (for the arrows and the bow)
50 metal fletching (for the arrows)


(Idea by Raidmaster)
These towels can be used 10 times and end the “wet” effect immediately. They are made on a level 2 tailor’s bench.


3 linen


What should I add more to or improve on? (x2)

  • Art
  • New Objects
  • Combat
  • Mechanical Mechanics
  • Weather

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Added category “Electrical devices and components” into “New objects”
Added an additional tool into “Tools and weapons” in “New objects”
Added an addition into “PvP mechanics”

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It’s fine. Wish lists aren’t a problem, so long as they’re just for the sake of discussion. I loosened up the rules a wee while back :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, I have an item idea and a mechanics change I’d like to recommend regarding water and rain! Firstly, maybe the “wet” status effect should last for 2 minutes instead or 10. 10 is basically half of the Blockheads day, and being wet for 12 hours is a tad much, not to mention 10 minutes for being wet seems like it’s on the verge of being a punishing mechanic.

Secondly, add towels as an item. They would have a durability of 10 and be made of 3 linen. Towels would immediately end the wet effect, and their easy to acquire nature and generally low durability makes them a balanced and useful tool.

Added your great suggestion under the “New objects”, “tools and weapons” at the bottom as a misc item. I have to be honest i did go quite harsh on the timer, so i fixed that :slight_smile:

All of these suggestions sound terrific!

I will be adding more items (3 per section) tomorrow on the 2 most voted sections.

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Additional items and objects have been added. Unfortunately there isnt much i could do in the “PvP mechanics” section. Apologies for that.

Additional note: Every 2 or so days new polls will be created and new objects will be created.