Blockheads Popularity


Hello, I was recently wondering about the possibilities of more players on The Blockheads. Mainly the new game Majic Jungle is working on, Sapiens. I feel that if they set aside some advertisements for The Blockheads, not only would our community improve in number, but also the people sharing MJ games because of the ease of access via smartphone.


Dave only wants to work on Sapiens. On rare occasion he’ll release a bug fix update for The Blockheads.


The game is a bit past that point, plus cross-platform ads don’t really work, which is why you don’t tend to see them. Thanks for thinking about this though :slight_smile:


Just from a few cases I’ve seen on Discord, I think that the YouTube videos of Dave’s Sapiens work has led people to explore more and discover Blockheads for themselves. Sometimes bringing people back who played years ago and have rediscovered it.


Yes, but a lot of them will be using the Discord mobile app, meaning they are on the target platform. In a PC game it would get very few clicks.