Blockheads server: STONE OCEAN🦋

This is the official thread for my new server, Stone ocean. Coming soon.

The spawn is an escape room- you’re going to have to fight your way out! There are no trade portals in the spawn area, so you cannot buy things to help you. You will spawn with 15 apples and a shovel.

General rules:

No rude or offensive language in chat. Try to respect others.

No harrassing other players.

No NSFW profile pictures or paintings.

Do not hack, even if it is “good” hacking.

No venting, or ranting on about serious/depressing topics. This can be quite hard to listen to for some.

Discussion of politics is allowed, but discouraged.

No helping others escape from spawn. You may not give others items, or help them in any way to escape.

No alternate accounts.

Do not beg for mod or admin.

PvP is enabled, and you may use it as much as you like. You are allowed to kill other players in the spawn arena and steal their items. Infact, it is encouraged to do so.

Admins and mods may ban you at anytime, either permanently or temporarily for breaking the rules. Coming back on an alternate account will likely result in a permanent ban.

I will edit this message as the server progresses. Mod and admin applications will be open soon, and a discord server is in the making. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


I thought this was a JoJo Part 6 themed server and was thinking “:thinking: well hmm how would that work?” from the title.
Crafting is mentioned quite often here. Will the escape room spawn be the sort with lots of crafting involved, or will it be more of a long maze where you have to craft the occasional item (like the ladders in Skyland Adventure)?

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The name actually is a JoJo reference to the 6th part haha. My original idea was to make it a prison-server, since stone ocean (the jojo part) is set in a prison. I tried that but didn’t really like the greyish colours. I ended up using nicer blocks and chandeliers around the spawn to make the server look generally nicer. I also made only the spawn an escape room, instead of the whole server.

So I’d say it’s kind of like an escape room with obstacles you have to pass (such as mobs, water, mazes, etc)

I’m still in the process of designing it though. I’m actually thinking of making it back into a prison-style server with a secret room (like anasui’s and weather report’s secret room) Not sure what I should do though, still a work in process!

What should I do for the server? Need opinions.

  • Make a fancier escape room
  • Keep the prison style to match with the server name

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Well I’d like a prison style in decor, but I’m generally more interested in mazes, swimming, mobs (those obstacles you mentioned basically) than Crafting to Escape, or in the case of Porky’s server, Evolution of Time, “Breeding to Escape”. I’ve actually played on these servers pretty extensively, but I don’t really think I have the time to play the long game and have to wait around for crafting/breeding anymore lol.

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Ooo I honestly cannot wait, I’ll check for updates!

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is that a J O J O R E F E R E N C E ?

cant wait to join

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Is the server ready to be opened yet?

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Will be next year. Still working on spawn

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Well. I ran outta credit so can’t really continue building the server. Might have to wait a little longer when I can get more money for it! Sorry

Yeah by a year I did not mean 12 months

Great! Can I join? From:Storm^Girl

Back in credit! Still being built, will yake a little more time :slight_smile:

I stand corrected! :slight_smile:

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